Alliance Daily Challenge: Defeat the "Beast"

This is a challenge where all alliance members need to work together to defeat any given created beast. This one forces all members to work together and cannot be done alone or even with a small alliance.

The beast will be any creature with super inflated hit points. The reward is some amount of the beasts DNA.

Each alliance has one chance to go into battle with this beast and do as much damage as they can. Any damage over time or percentage attacks will be based off the creatures normal hit points, not the inflated number. Slow, stun and damage lessening moves will also work if applicable.

As each alliance member battles the beast, the progress of the alliance will be displayed. The left over amount of damage left to be dealt will display in the red bar. The alliance must defeat the beast as a team in order for the alliance to obtain the reward that will go to each alliance member.

The example below is a level 20 Velociraptor with 291,000 hit points (200 x a normal V-raptor health) but does the same damage and has the same speed as a regular level 20 raptor.

After each person deals as much damage as they can, they will be added to a list of participants that shows the amount of damage done even if 0, The list will show the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place highest damage and put the rest in order.

Any one who is not in an alliance will not see the challenge. If this is an out door strike tower, the battle button will show “Join an Alliance to Participate”.

Alliance members can help each other with helping others pick a team that will do the most damage.

This could be a once a day, once a week or a few times a week challenge.

Here is another one for you @Ludia_Developers.


Huh… So it’s like a boss battle community like in JW:TG

I haven’t played that game so have to assume this is something similar to that.

Saying this wouldn’t be a strike tower event outside, this would be a good thing to see who is active or not.

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Yes, like Raid Battles in PoGo

I like the idea, it could mean the return of Lord Lythronax !!!

Seems like it would be too easy with boosts.

I LOVE the idea, but location-based team strikes are, unfortunately, unlikely. I’ll repost myself here:

We might not ever see this in JWA, because Niantic applied for a patent on raids.

Here’s a Google Patents link if you want an easier read.

This is just application language, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s granted in substantially the same form. And since it’s only an application, Niantic can’t exactly license it (if they even wanted to), and that leaves Ludia with the decision: take the risk and build it to monetize now, knowing that even a fast-track is a year out; or, don’t build into a reasonably well known risk? I’d take the latter, were I in their shoes.

there is a game of star wars in which there is an event where you fight with the Rancor, they explained to me that there the whole brotherhood plays, it could be an alternative option

According to the “Abstract” explanation, my idea would not infringe on this in that two players are not added to a “lobby” or even two players are working together in that “Lobby”. One player interacts with the “Beast Tower” at a time just the same as the regular strike towers which provide a single virtual experience. In my idea we singly tackle the tower but our efforts are added, the same as all the rest of our weekly missions. Even if me and my wife interact together on the same virtual tower at the same time, we do not see each other, therefore not “sharing” the one experience like the Pokemon gyms. We are each having our own single experience but working toward taking out a beast with our individual efforts.


A shared virtual experience is provided to players of a location-based game. The virtual location of a player in the game is based on the real world location of the player’s client device. If a player’s location in the game is within an interaction distance of a virtual element, in indication that a shared virtual experience is available may be provided. Player input is received requesting participation in the shared virtual experience and the player is added to a lobby including a specified start time. At the specified time, the shared virtual experience begins and includes interaction with other players who were in the lobby. An update to game data is sent based on an outcome of the shared virtual experience.

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The concept feels oddly familiar… I wonder why :wink:

Just put it on the Alliance window as an “Alliance event” button. :man_shrugging:

Tournaments are just a button.

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Would love this, let’s do it Ludia!