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Alliance Daily Message Popup on start?

It can be hard to communicate with a team.
(Especially if not everyone is all on a chat program like discord or Line).

Why not have a “Message of the day” ?

Perhaps make it visible to members only?

The alliance description has information for others out of the alliance to see, and I doubt anyone generally checks it on a daily basis, especially since it’s buried under a few clicks to get to. Most people pop on, do their stuff, and pop off.


Couldn’t agree more with this.

The alliance chat is already so buggy that you get disconnected every five minutes, and this is enough to get plenty of members put off from using it. So naturally the keener members set up alternative means to communicate, but what about those who only pop in and out?

If there was a message of the day that the alliance leader could put up, then there would be a way of determining whether or not members have seen it, and coordination would be so much easier.

We have been asking for more tools for the alliance leader to use, and still haven’t got any. This should be an easy option so please let’s implement it ASAP.

If it’s easier to code, make it part of the “News” popup messages. Idk.