Alliance Defense Mission requirements are excessive

I don’t think it’s too presumptive to state that our alliance has some of the most active players in the game. That said, the amount of incubators & battles required are without a doubt considered over the top on their requirement for completion, daily incubator could even be debated. I’m not sure if lower rank alliances have less of an issue with this department, but the amount of time required to look for a battle makes the matter even more complicated. On top of that, the rewards do not inspire excellence to reach such heights (oh no, what will I ever do without that extra 100 Concavenator?).

For the record, we told our alliance to not overstretch themselves the day before missions ended due to these reasons.


Battles are too damn high. Insert meme im too lazy to find/make. 4000 battles is a joke. Exploration no issues, but I consider my alliance one of the more active ones and the defensive missions were not happening. We got to rank 4 by the way, but nobody was going to kill themselves doing that many battles especially as states above for 100 extra concave dna.


To be honest the defense mission requirements are weird. Friendlies are so much lower than normal battles. My suggestion is to change the numbers for battles to that of the number of takedowns and vice versa. Then reduce the number of battles by 25% per level and take the removed part and add to friendly challenges. That at least makes the alliances for vibrant and interactive

Funny. Cuz I made this same topic last week. Glad someone else feels the same

It would help to tone down the missions. Even if the top alliances see it as a challenge to best themselves. What about the other alliances who will be left in the dust?

The rewards for defense are not really inspiring to say the least. Looking at the assortment of dna awarded, I would think the dna would be more appreciated by the newer to mid lvl players (unless Concavenator has something coming its way that you ain’t sharing with us :wink:)

Overall, reducing the requirements will be beneficial to the entire community.

4000 battles means 80 battles per member if alliance is full (50). That’s nonsense.

That is 4000 battles to move from Level 4-5… it takes 3 to 4 days to get to that level before even starting to chip away at that 4000.

I have plenty of DNA and have a phenomenal alliance so I don’t worry about these numbers too much. But all these new missions and events have to be disheartening to newer players or players who are stuck in a semi-active alliance.

Let’s not even broach the subject of payoffs on this thread… but let’s just say they don’t inspire me to drive around spinning boxes non stop possibly missing out on some good Epic spawns for the chance at the 397 random DNA from an Incubator. :unamused:

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They really should do some tests about requirements before they relesead missions. For 4000 battles full alliance has usually 2 days. Each member need to do 80 battles which is 40 daily. Each battle takes from 5-10 minutes, so you get 12 battles per hour max. This means 80 battles take 6 hours and 40 minutes at least. So almost 3 and a half hours of battling daily. So how is this logical and achievable requirement?

Maybe they should change creature takedowns with battles. 4000 creatures to take down would be more reasonable. It means around 30-35 (15-18 daily) battles per member. 2000 battles would be quite normal too, as each member would need to do 40 battles (20 daily). As we already have daily mission do 12 battles, these numbers aren’t too high for active players.


I feel like EA during the Battlefront debacle had a similar thought process to ludia with the reddit “pride and accomplishment” comment.

I also think that the calculation is not correct.

Our alliance is very active. It is so active that we are already completing the last step of the supply procurement challenge and the last day has not yet finished !!! last week I think that on Thursday we had the challenge overcome … but instead we could not overcome the last level regarding battles and incubators.

Imre has made a good calculation regarding the battles but it is that the thing is more terrible if we talk about the incubators. Only at the last level was there talk of opening 2000 incubators. That’s 80 incubators per member !!! without spending tickets you can open up to 7 battle incubators every day (if you do not have an incubator of 12 or 24 hours) so to fulfill 80 incubators in two or three days you should open at least 50 incubators spending tickets that not all members of the alliance have.

Other times it has reacted to a calculation error. I hope this time it happens again.

Reanimating this zombie topic to agree with it. The requirements for Defense rank 5 are outrageous. I’m in a good, active alliance, and there is no way we could hit all those incubators and battles.

Has any alliance ever done it? Is there a loophole I’m missing here?

The gameplan is hold all DBIs and incubators from the past week to the next cycle. Open in a controlled manner over the first day while fighting the towers and doing the friendlies. That will prob push the first 3 tiers down in 1-2 days. That leaves you 5 days to do 6 k battles and open 2.8k incubators.

Essentially your alliance has to be 50 disciplined and cooperative members who dun mind doing 10s of friendlies a day.


The requirements for rank five arent that hard if you have an active alliance with a game plan. You should easily get to rank 3 with 6 days to go. That leaves 6000 battles to do. 20 battles a day for each member. That shouldn’t be hard considering it takes 12 to complete the daily mission. Throw in some friendlies and your done. Not to mention strike towers which are easy battle and incubator counts. 10 incubators a day per member over those 6 days as well. Can easily be done without buying any incubators f you have an alliance that has everyone contributing. Not saying I wouldn’t like to see it be reduced. But it can be done.

Threse guys did it @RCRiv

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Yep. With lots of time to spare.

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The key is getting to rank 3 defence in the first day. Then u have 6 days to complete the last 2 ranks which averages out to 20 battles and 10 incs a day per member. That’s not hard.

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You can save 100s of incubators as an alliance to open when best needed. That all needs to be coordinator so members arent opening incs when they are not required. Save then till next rank. Same with requests for DNA and same for dailys and mission rewards. The rewards also count as incubators.

Everyone in the alliance should be friends. Friendlies battles can add 100s of battles in an hour or 2 with a large group from the alliance doing them fast, less than 1 minute per battle.


The Defense mission requirements are not conducive to a fun alliance experience.

Thanks for the advice though. I will try to help my alliance with it.

Well and fine if you can get 50 members who are willing to, and have the time available, to coordinate the first two days like that. It is not the situation in most Alliances though. I would expect it took some time, and a lot of turnover, to accumulate 50 members who all are willing to ‘go with the program’. It would be the same with putting together an Alliance of top 500 players, not the norm for the average player base.

Besides the time listed in post #8, Defense is not the only mission to achieve, there is the Exploration part progressing at the same time. Members cannot dedicate all their time to Arena, they are out tossing darts and searching to fulfill that Rare or Epic mission as well as spinning drops.

To fulfill both defense and exploration to Rank 5 takes a dedicated team all of 6 days, minimum. See picture in post 16, they had ‘20 hours to spare’. That is doing little else besides concentrating on a game.

We know that the original statement for fulfilling the daily personal missions of ‘Two 30-minute sessions’ is not correct. Just the 12 battle mission will take more than that. Add on to that a 2000 Rare mission, that is a lot of fusing, hunting, battling, spinning and interacting with Sanctuary in two 30-minute sessions.

I am not saying they should make Rank 5 achievable by the most casual of alliances. They should be difficult to achieve. I would challenge the developers to put together a team of 50 players and see if they can reliably complete the daily missions and rank 5 Alliance missions more than one week running. They of course could not communicate plans or coordinate in person, they would be restricted to using the in-game chat function to accomplish this as well as perform their daily work and family responsibilities.