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Alliance donation degradation?


Last two days I have been having really odd occurrences with alliance donations. I had requested Irritator (very close to magna). When I logged in I saw I had 280 irritator waiting for me and was quite excited. So I continued playing until the green collect button turned on and when I collected I got 160. Huh?
I thought to myself “self… Maybe you just can’t read tonight”
Mentioned this to the alliance as I hate requesting the same thing twice in a row. Then requested irritator again. Took a screenshot after getting 120 donated to verify my sanity. Log back in and it is at 100.
Can anyone help? (posting the screenshots really just shows a 120 turn to 100)


I’m sorry to hear that happened @JuggerNutt. There might be some issues with the Alliance chat right now that is not displaying certain information correctly, usually, when the chat resets or when the game reboots, it would correct the information that is shown. This could explain why the amount of DNA was different from what you received. However, if you would like our support team to take a closer look at this, please feel free to contact our team here at with your support key, and they’ll be happy to investigate this further. It’ll be helpful to include any screenshots you have in the email as well. Thanks!


Happened again and have screenshots of it:

240 sweet!


Sent to support as well but wanted to update here.


I’ve had this happen a few times to me as well.


I feel bad. I hope it doesn’t happen again. Make it wount happen 2.


Yeah it’s happened to me multiple times. Ludia have done nothing to fix alliance chat problems.