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Alliance dying - Missions at a Crawl

The drop in drops has mission progress to a crawl. I see they lessened the darts at rank 2 from 7500 down to 6000 but it’s Friday and we are only 2/3 the way.

With only one reachable drop and one spawn, I can no longer contribute and although I think about it, don’t feel it worth to even open the game for the one drop. It gets dark early now and it’s too cold now to go out. There is just no incentive to do much.

I was a heavy contributor and now I can’t contribute much at all. I only see 3 members bothering with the sanctuary’s so there is only 2 or 3 going at the most. I’m not going to bother with scents because I can’t replenish my darts. It even kills the the sanctuary’s when you can’t get supplies.

We’ll see what how this goes the next week or so but I’m going to be breaking my JWA habit by force of not being able to play the side of the game I really liked. I’m not all excited for the PvP although I do some.


Same here after the update, progress has slowed drastically. I’m sure lots of ppl dropped off the game. Won’t know for sure until next months new season. Gonna be alot of 0s.

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I was by far the top contributor in my alliance, but I did my best. Only having 1 drop sucks. I dont really want to break this habit (I have broken a few online habits), but I really like this game.

I’m sorry to hear and with time hopefully the drop issue will be fixed. The one major thing that I noticed are the dinos that pop up when traveling. It has added a lot more fun to the game for me. Feeling blessed that our alliance progress hasn’t suffered, but understand that many players have left the game. It has been a rollercoaster of positive and negative changes in the game since the beginning so hang in there!


I’m an alliance leader, I’m not bothering to open the app, they moved everything to where it’s not advantageous for me to play. If I can’t complete what I did previously in the same time, why bother? Time is mine, and valuable. I’m not going to increase the time I give them for the same “reward”. This is no different than what they did with nerfing boosts.

I honestly believe they did this thinking we will play more/longer, which increases their rankings by play time, which is currently just under two hours for the average player.

I’m taking a long break from this game until there are considerable changes.

Level 20 player with team of 25-26 uniques, playing since August, 2018. 5k trophy range

I love the game, i hate the way the developers handle it.


Yup game is dying now after that horrible update.

and the apologists are working overtime.

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Has anyone heard anymore from Ludia about this god awful mess ?

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I think they are watching the reactions, and checking data to see how much they’ve lost. They’ll base their actions on ours. They are waiting, watching…hoping it all blows over and they can continue as-is.

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I think they’ll find players will continue to leave tbh.

We are Ludia’s test subjects :sob::sob: Good luck to them, I’m pretty done with the game for now.


Our alliance missions have also dropped off. I could care less about the boost rework but the lack of supply drops after the update makes playing long periods of time redundant. Constantly running out of darts and it takes forever to get more with no stops. It is as equally bad when you spin the few stops you have and only get coins. I fear this trend will continue if the map remains the same.

There are only two things I disliked about this last release.

  1. The drop-off of supply drops, and consequently strike towers, on the map. It does make it much more difficult to complete those items when getting around is not practical. I’m more fortunate than a lot of people because I commute to work on a train. What I have noticed is the random pop-ups of dinos has greatly increased. This makes me think they are trying to get back more to the roots of the game. It used to be you could only snag a supply drop if it was within that inner circle of about 25 meters. So, by increasing the range you could access them, but decreasing the number, they are going back to making you work for it. I hope they will go back on this as the negative consequences are too great.

  2. The second thing I dislike are all the complainers about the boost reset. This is what many have been asking for when it was obvious people were not using them as they were probably intended. I feel badly for them, if they spent real money to use boosts to advance faster in the arenas. But this is a game, one with rules that change. That this was possible should not have come as a great shock.

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My participation has come to a halt, with the nerf in supply drops and strike towers, I see little reason to play this over pokemon go, which now has about the same amount of draw in rural suburbia. It was fun while it lasted.


I complain about boosts to the extent of losing value, but not specifically the new systems itself. The implementation is what I think Ludia got wrong.

But, the drop in spawns for me, the moving of my sanctuaries, and the loss in supply drops outweighs my complaints about the boost system. I play this game to collect dinos, that is the funnest part. Battling is a means to get more DNA. Messing with my ability to collect and level dinos and like someone above said, my time, is inexcusable to me.

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Okay, common ground. I also do it for the collecting, and the PvP battles are a means to that end.

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