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Alliance Exploration Rank 4 and 5 Incubators have the same contents


Title. I imagine this is a bug or not intended, as the Defense 4 and 5 incubators have different amounts.


Exactly what I was coming here to say! Hope it’s a bug or no point goinf for rank 5…

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The rank 5 incubator probably has more coins in it compared to the rank 4


Wow, your incs are awesome. Ours has mujunga, carno, and concav… What bs… But you keep complaining about your hundreds of sino.


You’ll feel stupid when you realise there is two seperate rewards… try click the exploration one before you moan. :slight_smile:


HAHA (complainers)


Erm, nope, still see the same 3 dinos… Also, I can’t scroll in my alliance window, keeps bouncing to the bottom.


I posted this already and tagged Ned. Hopefully he passed the message along


Along with other textual errors lol


This is only a problem with exploration. The other ranks are correct


Click the top tab for the sino one… and the bottom one gives concave etc.


The first one shows the error, 2nd one shows how it should be




Its just a mistake, prob will be 500 sinos


Seems like a big reward. Must not be easy to get to top rank.


I’m curious here, besides the issue that the OP is referring to, but I have two questions.

  1. Does the dino image, i.e. Sino for example, mean we get Sino? Or is it more of that… “type” of dino advertisement?

  2. When it says x1000 etc does that mean each alliance member gets 1000 dna for that dino or is the x1000 split between the alliance members so if you have 50 members you get 20 dna each?


Id be very surpised if we dont get sino and to my knowlege eveyone in the alliance gets their own incubator. Atleast I hope so.


Yeah I’m just hoping those rewards aren’t split in the incubators and that we all get an incubator with the amounts stated there.


Wont be too hard were almost 3 already