Alliance failing?

YesClan has been under my leadership for a short time of 3 months now and I thought I would bring up an issue I am having. My alliance is easy to join and there’s no drama but I also see members that play for a bit but then I don’t see them active for over a month or more. I have made announcements that they need to log in a few times a month and try to participate in the challenges. We are down to a handful of players now that are becoming discouraged to play at all. How do I fix this?

I think the problem is prevalent with every alliance. Been over an alliance for over 2 years and we are currently down to 38 members that have logged in within the last week. I mean if you have a smaller group than us by all means have your people come over to us we would gladly take active players our alliance rewards have dwindled to level 4 in exploration and defense at this point. Hoosier Explorers is always open to new members. We do raids and are definitely willing to help when we can.

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You could have the remaining members join us.
We do ask that players play every day and join our discord, but we offer great weekly and tournament rewards and have 3 x level 20 sanctuaries.
PM me if you’re interested


Glad to see someone reaching out to help :slightly_smiling_face:


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I kinda assumed he was more like a casual player looking for a more casual alliance. We don’t hold anybody to strict rules which was why I suggested a merger.

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Short answer is based on what type of player you are, manage your alliance to have similar rules and that will attract and keep the same type and activity level players. I’m a daily player that gets 10 kills in each tourney and that is our minimum requirement for our team. If a player goes inactive for a few days or skips a tourney with no prior communication, then they are replaced. We have been going for over 2 years and always have around 49 active daily players. If you are more of a casual player, then can set a different time limit and replace players after a week or longer of inactivity.

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Even my alliance has been not quite so active. I have up and down times. Thinking back, the deep cold of winter kills the enthusiasm and the weekly mission rewards show it.

During the warmer weather, my alliance was up as far as 6 defense and 8 exploration at the highest with 5 and 6 generally. Now we are doing 4 and 5. I attribute it a lot to the weather as us in the norther hemisphere can’t get out like we can in the summer.

Last year around this time, my wife gave leadership of the alliance to another member because she wasn’t playing and after a couple months, they gave leadership back and left. That is when I started playing her accounts to do the rare, epic, legendary and unique raids by myself with our 4 accounts.

So I’ve been leader, just kicking out those who are inactive 3 weeks and more and accepting new members. No rules. Very laid back. I show 34 active of 48 right now in the last week.

Yea, things seem a little slower now but I attribute it the time of year.

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