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Alliance feedback

Im going to try to put my feedback here. I have a lot, but heres the start of it:

Allow a message to be added to requests to join
Allow a message to be added for kicking
Implement different levels of leadership and membership. Heres one example

Auto kick inactive members


Provide leader perks- running a good alliance isnt easy (will share example after this event in this game ends)

Increase size to 100.

Add alliance goal oriented events e.g. kill 100 dinos for t1 chest, event lasts 3 days, kill 250 to upgrade reward t2, kill 500, 750, 1k, etc.

Add alliance stats - last online, donations given, donations received, etc.

Add trophy range restrictions.

Update the search function so its easier to find an alliance that meets your needs. E.g. location, trophy count, min member count, max member count, an “alliances i can join” toggle, etc.

Implement guild gifts. Ive seen this used to great effect in dragon soul and clash of clans. Someone makes a purchase and has a little gift they can give out. Example, one guy bought 20 dollars worth of currency, and the guild each got about 50 cents worth of currency. Not with every purchase, make these special events.

I get a lot of this is simply going to come with maturity. But i wanted it out there anyway.

What are your thoughts or suggestions?


Going to tag some alliance leaders I know of to get their thoughts

@TyrannosaurusLex @BoonSlevin @Legomin1314 @Fixibloodyhunter @Danelle919



I like the idea of kicking messages as well as stats

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Metahub has already provided TONS of feedback about Alliances to Ludia :slight_smile:

My perspective on all the feedback you provided (well most of it is actually good), but nothing should be dropped all at once. So I hope that things are spread out through time to keep us entertained and hooked to this amazing game. :wink:


I like the idea of what u mentioned. It would be nice if they added 1 or 2 of these weekly, not all at once though


Nice suggestion @wrothgar. But among the most important suggestion that we already give to ludia (in another post) that i think they should take prime action is to remove all the spoofers in Alliance, then only followed by all the good list you mentioned.
We can still see their names in “that” alliances until now. They have high trophies but name not listed in leaderboard (in other words, names that already clearly labelled as spoofers by ludia)
…just imagine they release the Epic trade soon (which i heard high chances it will be), from the metahub news. This will be nightmare.
…,i hope ludia/mods read this. because im so afraid if they rush with “epic trade” option soon before this issue settled.


I agree with you, especially being able to see what the group has donated and received. Your other thoughts are on point as well! :grin:


Completely agree with all. Most Alliances/guilds/clans in any game I’ve ever played have a rank system, or at least a second in command role. I can’t be online 24/7 to make sure everyone is behaving, contributing, and active. I also hate that anyone can invite to an alliance. It should be leader and second command role only. There needs to be a feature that tracks donations, I’ve also never seen an alliance system without such. I’ve played many maaaaany games with alliances and guilds and this one was clearly thrown together half-butted. Gifts would be nice too, but definitely least priority.


Left my alliance was people just whinging that nobody was donating.

I agree there should be more of a hierarchy. Limiting who has power to invite/kick members should be primary. Keeps out the riff raff.

I’ll speak from a member perspective.

In my alliance I really have no idea about anyone in it. Yes, I see their team and trophy count but nothing else. How long have they been playing? How long do they play each day, or on a weekly basis? Do they actively battle or are they just casual collectors? Do they meet any of their daily missions on a regular basis? What are their daily stats for captures or spins? YTD stats perhaps? Something to help me decide who to donate to and how much.

Our Alliance has many new members from 0 to over 5000 trophies. The newer members seem to be requesting a lot of valuable DNA rather than what I would think they need. Yes, it is nice to donate and help them, but are they actively out hunting also or just casuals looking to create w/out working for them? Are they someone’s second account? Many I have never read anything from them in chat either. Not that I am on all the time being chatty Cathy or anything, but I say howdy and try to contribute at least a little. If I make a request I like to state the reason for it. I am close to this, I never see that or I just want to help folks get coins or whatever. I have never just popped in, requested then come back later to collect. And that is what I see a lot of.

Time zones. We have members from different time zones also. I see the last of the ‘night shift’ when I get up at 5 EDT and the active USA members in the afternoon/evening. I think if there are enough members from different zones they will work out their best request times. It would be a nice addition to the Alliance information for folks so they can decide if joining is beneficial to their play schedule. If someone is going to be the only member on a 12 hour shift zone, they might decide to look for a different alliance.

Rather than manual requests, perhaps a request board? A tab with each member and their request for specific DNA. For timing it could be two requests a day, or one ever 8 hours or something. This way I can go to that tab and scroll down to see who wants what I have extra of to donate. They do not have to rely on me being online when they request and I do not have to scroll up to find out who is requesting what. I bet I miss a lot of requests that I could fill, simply by not being online while that request is active, or forgetting to scroll up to keep checking.

So, from a member perspective just to find out a little about other members without having to ask.


I really like the suggestion about having almost a request page. Very cool!


One thing I would like to see I a way to recognize people who are actively donating. I know it sounds weired but studies showed that when people got an item (ie a sticker for voting) they were more likely to do it. For donations I propose that we get something like a banner around it that shows you donate dna. The banner could show in your alliance after you have reached a certain number. The only way you could earn the banner is through like a high five system of your alliance members recognizing you for your awesome contribution.


The banner would be around your avatar.

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Then you we’re in a crap Alliance. Our Alliance fills requests in minutes, everyone is wonderful and pleasant and never complain.


We’ve asked all our members to please say in the chat when they’ve donated, maxed their donation, finished someone’s request, etc. It sucks, but until they hopefully add a feature that tracks contributions and donations (eyeballing you here, Ludia) it’s the only way we can track who is active and not.


That’s probably all of them though in fairness

Beg to differ.

I’d like it if what I want to say in the “Chat” would actually post. I’m the leader of Terminus, and 9 out of 10 things I try to say on there do not post. What’s the deal with that? I’ve heard it’s like censoring? But I’ve seen a guy in our alliance use the word “damn”. I don’t even write any profanities and mine still get shelved lol. I don’t understand

I think the problem with Ludia’s inexperienced programmers who are inexperienced with our phones and signal drops is they did not write a script to verify that the message you sent was actually posted and if not, resend the message and recheck till it has verified your message was received and posted.

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Example leader rewards