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Alliance for level 15 active playet

Um. He’s an active player but he was kicked for some unknown reason, he has 4000 trophies and active does 10 takedowns

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contact me via discord, and i will get you into ours. Or, send an join request to the Alliance Acrocanthosaur Bosses. My Discord is ExtinctBuckle22#1511

if you want to join our alliance. the name and MyVeryWaitJurassicfes

ok, ill join

name is brennanm

if you give me your game code. or ask to enter !!

I’m a level 14 but almost 15 but is there a clan out there that’s very active cause I’m active 24/7. I’ve been playin for only about a month now but Im already lvl 14. Is there a clan that’s active willing to let me join

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes.look for active members. if you want to be part of it. leader arme84 # 1337

9319 is the code

I’m lvl 16 have 2 unique and in need of coin

Umm, my name is BrennanM game and my code is 9319

request sent

If you all want you can join “I squared R Dinos”
It is a new alliance but all successful alliances start this way
Join and be one the first members