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Alliance for non-PvP player?

I’ve played since launch date, but recently I stopped doing PvP battles as I don’t find them enjoyable. I play almost daily, hunt a lot, play all strike tower battles, max out my supply drop limits, FIP, and complete all non-arena daily missions. I just avoid arena and most tournaments.

I use Discord and am willing to do raids. Here’s what my collection looks like as of today.

Is there an alliance out there that would be a good fit for me, or am I silly for even asking this question? :laughing:


I’m quite insulted that you didn’t come at me first about this, lol.

You have already been in LFAW, I liked your time with us, if we can at least discuss you doing your DBI and takedowns… that’s all I would ask out of you for PVP.

Send me an pm or re-add me in Discord.

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Jurassic Park1 would love to have you. We have 2 spots open for active members right now. All I would ask is to do just one PvP battle once the battle scores reset so it doesn’t show a zero score. Other than that PvP isn’t a requirement. We just like to see that members are being active. Hope you join us!

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I have found an alliance. Thank you to all who responded :slight_smile:


Dang for someone who doesn’t like tourneys, I get the pvp but you allo, sucho, tany, raptor rixis

Oh I love advantage tourneys when I get those in my lineup :wink: They’re all unboosted, but still lots of fun!

Is it hard to get 30s, like gold wise or is it harder dna wise. I think I could get some 30s but it takes me a week to get something to 22.

DNA was fairly easy to come by, and it takes me about a week to save up the coins to level a dinosaur from 29 to 30. I’m F2P, so I need to max out my supply drop limits daily.

It only takes a week to get 250,000 gold!?

Yes if you max out all supply drops, complete the daily missions, complete all strike tower battles, and max any donations you have plenty of DNA for.

oh,ok. I will do that

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Tons of fun today, @Colin :wink: I haven’t had time to do more than my 10 takedowns, but tonight when it’s cooler and I’m sitting outside in the perfect 70-80 degree temps all night I’ll do more. All unboosted of course.

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It must be fun to have a ton of 30’s. My highest would be my 20 velociaptor. I’m trying to get it and allo to 30 along with draco g2.

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I’m working towards a L30 Deinonychus and Tarbosaurus right now, and when I get my Erlidominus from 29-30 I’m going to max out my Indominus. Since my Tryko is already L30, those two will finish the need for T-Rex DNA. Then I can work on a L30 Rexy! :muscle:

That’s cool. My indy is 23 right now. It’s my favorite creature so I’m gonna get it first to 30 but I can’t fuse it much without sacrificing the dna to get Rexy to 20. Is your goal like to finish one creature family at a time. That would be cool. Like indy, then erlidom, then rexy, then raptor, then indo. The list goes on. That would be really cool.

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Yup, that’s exactly how I’m doing it. Indoraptor was my first level 30 in the Rexy family, then Tryko. Erlidominus is 29, so she’ll be next.

Monolometrodon is good in 2.0, so I just leveled her from 23 to 24. I’ll max her out next.

Sounds, fun. I need to get working on my creatures. Indy, then maxima, then dilorach, then tryko, then erlidominus, then indo, rexy, etc.

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