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Alliance Glitches


I feel like something really weird is going on with alliance settings right now. The messages that I get from teammates are either recent, or from weeks ago, and the rankings are getting all screwed up. I had deleted a couple of players that were ranked as “0“, only to come and find out that they actually were active participants. In addition, whenever I try to donate or read something, it glitches me to the top of the screen.

I don’t know what’s going on here but somebody needs to fix it! It’s making team bonuses really hard to accomplish!!


This. Plus I’d like to add a couple of things as well, if that’s ok.

First, I was unable to post any messages for most of today. I would type them, hit post, and then they would just disappear.

Second, I had a period of about 5 minutes or so earlier where it appeared as if I was no longer in my alliance. I clicked on the tab, and it asked me if I would like to join an alliance. Then it brought me to the search for an alliance to join screen. After a few minutes of me freaking out, it brought up the normal chat/donation screen.

The same thing then happened to my husband a few minutes afterwards.

This is extremely worrisome since we are on rank 4 on the incubator that counts. I’ve contributed quite a bit. And I really like our alliance.


I have the same typing issue. I have to copy my message every time just in case. A reset helps, but why do we need to do that?

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