Alliance help and battling help

hello i really need help to get passed ss arcadia and i need a good alliance so thank’s for the tips

do u have discord?
if so, contact my alliance leader


and if theres any tips for my team heres my team and there uses
level 15 rex
lv 11 titanoboa
lv 12 baryonx
lv14 raptor
lv 13 smilodon
level 11 secodontasaurus
level 11 sarcoricorixis
level 12 spino gen 2

rex a attack tank
sarcorixis a good creature to start the battle
secodonto an immune
raptor very OP
smileodon acctually i do not know it’s uses
spino gen 2 i needed a creature to replace pryoraptor for so i used this
titanoboa has the swap out rampage but many people are aware of that so they dont swap
baryonx i have it beacause first you do the small hit then if they dont have much health i just reampage em