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Alliance Hertenhunter needs 5 daily players!

Our great and hardworking and growing alliance is looking for 5 new (daily playing) members.
Only rules:

  • contribution in tournaments, must: defeat ten creatures
  • contribution at alliance missions
  • progress in arena

Atm: weekly rewards 9/8, championship tier 6 (able to become tier 7 or 8 with the new members and progress we make)

It’s a really great alliance, where we help each other and having fun! :slight_smile:

Leader: FZeroOne, #8425
Me: louzzie7, #4112

We hope to see your request! :slight_smile:


Hi Marlous, pmd u already, my brother and I are looking for an active alliance, I’m 4.6k rated and my brother is 2.5k rated, we’re highly active on a daily basis and we’re looking for an active alliance to reach some tournament incubators, weekly incubators, etc!

thanks in advance

Hi Relax!

At this moment we are full. There’s one inactive person at this moment, so we can make one free space for you! :slight_smile:
Maybe your brother can join later, after the tournament…most of the times there’s at least one player who don’t contribute, so i think there’ll be more free spaces in feature :wink:

What’s your name in the game? :slight_smile:
Hope to see you soon!

Hi Relax,

Please tell me if you want to join or not :upside_down_face: We get a lot of good requests, so if you don’t want to join, we can accept someone else :wink:

Up! One free space at this moment! Who wants to join our great and hardworking alliance? Hope to see you soon! :grinning:

New update! :slight_smile:

Last week was a great week! A few daily players joined us and the alliance was full. We removed 3 inactive players and have place for 3 new ones! For info, see mainpost!

This week we hit 10/8 (almost 9) at the alliance rewards. We stay in top 500 of alliances in tournament. Atm we have almost the tier 3 reward at tournament. Should be able to hit the 500.000 this championship! :slight_smile:

Who wants to join or hardworking and great alliance? :blush:

Hope to see your requests!

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