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Alliance "House of Hunters" 5/4 recruiting for members

Hi all! We are looking for daily active and generous players for our alliance “House of Hunters”. Im the leader of this alliance and just like the other members very active (reaching 5/4 atm)
Our rules are different then most alliances and did take some time to filter for great players that are both active and generous. Our rule: Donate and communicate to all requesting players during your own request (for example “donated to all” or didnt have … dna, donated the rest")
If you like the way we are doing things, and looking for a great alliance, please send me a request to join.


Is your alliance on Discord?

No, we are not using discord (atm). Think we are doing a great job without it. We are reaching our goals easy, but i understand if you prefer a group that uses discord? But reaching 5/4 goals without the use of discord can also be a positive thing to others.

How many open spots do you have?
We are with 2.

1 level 19 currently with 4900 trophies

1 level 20 currently with 4800 trophies

4 spots atm, i make sure i keep 2 spots open for you guys.

Hello, do you still have a place? I am level 16, 4500-4900 trophies, generous with all except crocodiles and dracorex. I am from Belarus, I do not know English well, but I can understand and answer you.

Hi Storck, i have 1 open spot atm. You dont have to speak perfect english. I think its important that members understand the requesting rule for our alliance though.
Think you will like it. Please send me a request to join if your still interested!

Hi all,

Once again looking for some active/generous players for our 5/4 (almost 5/5) alliance.
We could use some players that like doing battles and/or working hard on all tasks in general. Feel free to pm me for more questions. I add new players when the alliance missions restarts.

Also see my first message in this topic for our requesting rule (this one is important).

Hope to hear from you guys!