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Alliance Improvements


A couple of thoughts I had about making alliances more than just donation spamming.

  1. Alliance management tools. Mentioned by or at least thought of by literally everybody but MUST be worked on in my opinion. We NEED to know what/who is working in our alliance. Things such as;
  • Last activity timers
  • Player Level
  • Trophy Count
  • Daily/weekly/lifetime donation counts
  • Lifetime counts towards alliance missions/events.
  1. Again, mentioned by everyone and MUST be fixed/improved, chat, maybe a header with alliance info.

  2. Alliance missions are great, not only do they promote communication and competition, but they also give an individual something extra to do in game, or extra incentive not to skip the 69th Diplocaulus spawn of the day. Fingers crossed these are back next week!

4a) A lot of people have probably already seen the unofficial 1v1 tournament that is going on and the premise is really good, what about an official way to go about it in game. Expanding on friendly player battles. Also can we not just friendly battle anyone in our alliance without having to make them friends.

4b) This could be expanded for alliance vs alliance tournaments!

  1. As for out the box suggestions. You have expanded the range allowing us to get supply drops and events much easier and im sure everyone loves you for this. But what if we could grow our alliance and create our own DPG outposts, allowing us to remotely launch a drone from this base. You can chose between predetermined areas (not real world locations) and each site has a different set of dinosaurs that can spawn there. You could officially announce that the ‘Local Habitats’ exist and use these, or just set up new ‘Locals’ with fewer dinosaurs available. Or totally out the box you could introduce an alliance currency, rewarded by alliance missions/events, we use this to build our outpost, spend them on scents that attract specific dinosaurs or a certain set of dinosaurs for that day/week.

TL:DR: Use a new alliance currency to build an outpost, then spend the currency on scents that determine what dinosaurs can spawn. Then launch a drone from your base!

  1. Tied in to number 4, but what about adding longevity and prestige to an alliance, Level them up to level 20, allowing you different perks, unlock outposts/scents etc. As it stands, a 1 day old alliance with 50 members, is instantly stronger (assuming identical rosters) as an alliance that has worked hard together for months.

5 and 6 are VERY long term ideas, but things that I feel would add a lot of depth to the game

Tracking alliance players activity

Hey Ludia, on the alliance board the team leader should be able to see who’s active and who’s not. If there’s people on the alliance who aren’t active then why keep them on the team when someone waiting to join will actually participate in the game? :video_game:


I agree totally. I just sent a message asking a similar question with a lot less detail. On #5 I like the alliance currency. That would be another way of tracking and rewarding the more active members.

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I’m not going to do that what I’m going to do is look for loyalty like I’ve always have I am the leader of the big dogs and we do big things rather we have some that don’t work as hard or we have some that work more it’s okay with me my alliance, they stick with me.


Dear Ludia:

If you’re going to continue disenfranchising new players with these tournaments and competitions where new players battle high level teams, you are going to have to give us alliance leaders tools to see which players are actively playing. This way our alliances don’t end up loaded with inactive, useless player accounts.
There are some players that don’t play in arena yet are very active. I’ve learned this by using trophies as an indicator of activity, and nearly kicked some of my most active players. Their trophy counts don’t change.

We DEMAND these tools.

They are very important to the continuation of this game.