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Alliance in need of Active players who want to complete missions and help others


Hey everyone. Looking for players that are active, contribute, and are team players. I have 34 consistent players, and I am looking to fill to 50. We are currently at rank 3 for Alliance missions and I want to hit 5. I know with more players that are active, we can do it. My alliance is called TeamBlueInOurWorld. My player name is Blueismygirl1418


You had me at all but 12 just request DNA and do not help at all :grimacing::joy:

Sorry, sorry but that sounds rough. Best of luck either turning those people around or jettisoning those freeloaders to make spots for more that enjoying helping each other’s teams get better like that core group you already have, start with those that don’t even request or play the game anymore and go from there.


I kicked quite a few off the Alliance. It is frustrating when they do not help.

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