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Alliance- inactive players

Please add an easy way to tell which players are inactive. I would like to be able to see when they last logged in, so we can make room in our alliance for new, active players.


Aye, we need a lot of guild tools and not just a last online.

In the meantime, I use DNA requests (and donations to some extent) to know whats up in my guild.

No requests or donations for 7 days is auto kick. I make this public knowledge and even put this in the guild description.

I just scratched out a little chart for myself to keep track.

The Guild seems to really like this approach, but it takes some extra time and effort to keep track of everything by the Leader.


I feel the easiest way is to use the trophy resets every season… i look at whos been at 0 trophies still 4-5 days after the tourney then i wait a few days to see if their requesting or donating dna. Then i look at the individual and if they were someone who was pretty active at one point i give them more time. If not they get removed.


I do exactly the same thing. Without tools this is what us leaders are left to do


Thanks for all the suggestions.
I hope Ludia updates the alliance pages to make it easier to monitor.

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I just use trophy reset when tourney starts I give all players 24 hours to get higher than 0 trophies tends to clear those inactives who just request DNA without actually playing the game!

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How do you know who donates? Requests you can see.

I do not make requests, I would rather find them myself. The hunt is a big part of the game for me.

I fill requests every day, but not for all players. Many requests are for what I know I will need in the future. I am not going to give, then need it when I go to create something.

Unless you requested an L4 park spawn, I most likely would not donate to you. I hunt the neighborhood, which is L4 park, and I have excess of all those spawns. I visit other locals, but do not get enough to make donations of, I am saving them as I will need them in the future.

I would most likely be a player you would see as “inactive” and I would get the boot. Perhaps you could see my Trophy count change daily, but it stays around 4100. My team changes daily also. I have over 30 Dino at the same “strength” I interchange all the time. When I get the hybrid, I level up their ingredients to add to my team. When a Dino is at a level I am happy with, I work on a new one. You would not be able to track if I am leveling a stronger team or not.


One example to the above post:

We have a few folks working to level Stegodeus. How would anyone know I am giving out over 2000 Stego a day to just a few users?

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Because we communicate with each other in chat bro. I cant be on 24/7 so I often ask in chat once or twice a week if anyone has seen any requests, recieved any donations from, or have even seen player X online.

Until Ludia decides to get around to giving us needed alliance tools like this, It works quite well and it also went over great with the guild, as this policy was voted in before it went live.


No offense dude but glad I’m not part of your alliance. It sounds full of negativity and full of bs rules made by self proclaimed leader.

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None taken bro. I dont make or enforce any decisions as everything is made public and voted on in chat.

I dont think or act like any kind of boss or dictator and welcome you to inquire to absolutely anyone in our alliance about this. I never use “I”, its always “We”.

I think your comment is extermly unfair, but it is what it is and you are entitled to your opinions. :slight_smile:


I sure couldn’t keep up managing things that way. Some tools would definately help, but my group knows to speak up if they feel they are donating to someone that doesn’t donate back. I’m super happy all has worked out as well as it has.

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We need tools.
I’m leader of my alliance, I only kick those with zero trophies weeks after the reset.
I myself rarely ask for donations. There’s no way I could know who is donating, and no way currently I would kick someone because I think or was told they weren’t donating.
I do give warning, and let everyone know member X is about to get kicked. Anyone seen them active lately? No? Kicked after a few weeks of inactivity.

Frankly, the Alliance needs work. Activity tools and maybe a dump (you get paid to dump) and a bank (you buy DNA) for DNA instead of everyone needing the same thing and having surplus of the same DNA.

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I start by using tournament trophies and then keep an eye on requests, logins and chat

If nothing in a couple of weeks then gone. Had to cull 11 people earlier

Will make exceptions for previously very active members, some more time