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Alliance invite to active player


I really would like to join some alliance. I play every day. Please send me request to join your alliance, but only if you are a active player.
Thanks in advance
Gamename: Jannie 105 level 14


Come and join Raptor Attack. I bit the bullet and left my old one on Wed and joined and its very active.


My alliance is an international one, mostly us based that’s very active but small and close. Message ToriBaugh or look up HeWasNumber1 if you’re interested.


Would love to. But it seems something is wrong. I can’t see were i apply for joining an alliance. Think something is wrong after the latest update.


No worries. We will still be here when Ludia fixes the problem😊.


Could you try to invite me, and see if it works :blush:


It’s Jannie105, right? For some reason I can’t find you when I try to look you up.


Do you know your player #?



Just sent you a request😊.