Alliance Issues?

Anyone else having issues with chats not going thru? And after having 3hr between dna requests yesterday today it’s 18hrs?
Not sure why it’s so long! Is this a bug or is there
an interval for requests?

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Hey Hermione, you’re able to make 2 DNA request per day. After the first one, you’ll need to wait at least 3 hours before you can make the next. However, after your second request, you must wait until the daily refresh time. Also, if you’re having trouble sending messages through the Alliance chat, could you try rebooting your game and see if that helps?

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I had something like this. Nu fiets message was blokked. Was nothing mean, or anything. And other messages did’nt come through. :thinking:

I had a message evaporate.

Thanks for the clarification on the requests.
As far as the chatting- it’s hit or miss. Sometimes if I reset the game it comes back, others it doesn’t. Would be great ina future update if we could get some sort of refresh button. I’ll keep reseting as it happens, just wanted someone to know!

My messages aren’t going through in chat. :confused:

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve notified our team about this and once there is more information, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. Make sure to check back on the forums or look through our other social media channels for the most up to date news.