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Alliance leaches

Please please please add a feature that shows the totals for how much each and every member in the alliance donates DNA over time. Many other games give this as a ratio of donated/received. This is so people can actually have some sort of gauge to see who is leaching and not actually being a good alliance member. Thanks.


Ah, ratio seems like a good idea. I think I like that @Rougue1.

In the meantime,
-Do the members in your alliance use the info button to see who has donated to them?
-If so, do members thank individuals for their donations on the in-game chat?
-If not, do members call out who they have donated to on the in-game chat?
-Do you use another app for communication between alliance members? (i.e. Discord, Facebook group)

As far as I have understood things, there are more alliance tools on the way!

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I must admit I’m bad about both saying I donated and individual thank yous (I generally say thank you everyone) but luckily my alliance is awesome and understands the plight of an employed gamer

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Yes, I look to see who donates. But, that is just for that one request. I’m talking about an overall running count that is all donations since you’ve been in alliance. This way you can see players that are leaching over time. Not just donating a little DNA here and there

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Maybe it is not leeching. Maybe it is because they do not have the specific DNA that you are looking for. Just bringing another possibility to light.


I like to think this is the case most of the time. There are things i request in the chat that barely get filled. (maybe 100) Rare dna that’s local specific is hard to come by. Especially when most of your alliance doesn’t live/ hunt in those areas.

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Yeah it does not help also that some DNA is a hot ingredient amongst the alliance. I can usually tell with that, alliance members become stingy about giving it out.

I never request anymore unless it is a useless common folks have a ton to unload for coins. Since I’m down to just 3 to unlock I donate what I have. I figure if i have it i can get more but it will help them to unlock more dinos faster. But I agree, I would love to see more features added to alliances…

Donations are not a good.gauge of who is leeching and contributing. DNA requests are time sensitive so if you requested at a bad time people might not have due to.sleeping or working. Those who wanna donate might not have the chance since everyone else donated faster than them.

With sanctuaries, donations should be an avenue for requests and general coin farming rather than a sustained way of getting DNA. I use my DNA requests as a way to help my alliance mates get coins (Amarga, Irritator and Gallimius) and to rebuild my reserves of easy to find dinos. Multifuse ate up all my Amarga DNA.

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Should definately have tools! In the absence of tools, we post donations screenshots on Discord. Yes, we sometimes do stats. Yes, we have found leeches. Yes, they were kicked.

Why? If you don’t wanna donate, don’t donate. If you think donating something rare is worth the coin, go for it. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether that person is a good donator himself or not.
Most requests are for junk DNA so that people can up their coins, other people prefer to get some DNA. Let them. They’ll find out soon enough that no one is going to give them irritator.

Personally, in the rare occasion that I really do need something rare, I offer a trade. Always works.

How does it benefit anyone if you know who donates the most? You’re gonna kick the members who you think don’t work hard enough? What if they’re very active battlers or darters? Or not. Is your alliance hardcore or casual? If the latter, then why does you question even exist?


In top alliances everyone is generous and donate what they can. Never crap DNA, valuable DNA. Most requests get filled. Requesting without donating is against our alliance rules.

I got lucky with an alliance that doesn’t regulate DNA trading/donations whatsoever.

Try an alliance that donates generously of the most valuable DNA and experience how that makes wonders on your dino collection!

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Thats a hard pass, but thanks.

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