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Please say which alliance you lead when you respond. I created the Unnecessary Roughness alliance…was wondering how often other leaders boot members or purge inactive members. I just gave our bottom 4 four days to say they’re active… I think I’ll issue the same challenge to everyone else whom I see aren’t helping with the alliance missions (if and when that’s fixed). Thoughts?


It’s difficult to know who’s active.
I was ready to boot 4 who hadn’t moved in trophies in 3 weeks. Missions came online and they were quite active.

We need leader/alliance tools to see who hasn’t been playing.

Even the missions don’t tell you who’s playing, just who did the most.

Terrible system.


I totally agree…I was all set to to purge these people and I went through and saw one requested some DNA lol. A stat tracker would be great.


What’s your alliance btw?

I am the leader/creator of TeamTexas. We have recently move to a Discord based group with Tiers of dinos that can only be requested certain days. I have given everyone a week to join Discord or get the boot. Several have already been removed for constant asking for the wrong dinos. So far, we are more active, have more requests filled and it’s far easier to share information and see who is active. Our alliance is liking the Discord chat much better as it’s easier to get to know members, help assess teams etc.


Holy organised RiverrattQ. I’ve got a fairly active but not chatty at all alliance - Michigan Monsters.

How are people tracking activity? I am looking for ideas as I’ve just taken over and just doing guess work at the moment.

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It is difficult without any tools. Here is a non-leader prospective.

I do not care for the current Meta so do not battle. My trophy count would not change if viewed. I do however play many hours a day and collect only.

I do not make requests for DNA. A big part of the game for me is to find and dart what I need. I do max a lot of requests as I dart all day so have excess of DNA for many desirable critters. But, unless someone requests what I have in abunance, they would not see a donation from me. I do not donate incubator only DNA as I do not get any of it anymore.

I will occasionally remark in the chat, but it is so buggy for me to even have a response appear that I do not use the chat. I will look at the donation requests but not read comments there as I usually cannot respond.

Anyone looking at the alliance would see my trophies not changing and see no requests from me, so think I am not active.

When Alliance missions were completed I received Top Contributor for 3 – end Rank Collector catagories as well as several lower ones along the way, but none in Defence. That is the only way a Leader would even know I am active. I do complete the daily battle incubator, but only for consideration of the alliance and only for the count. This week I am not battling, at all, as there are no missions. My name would never appear as a top contributor in any Defence category. I could see someone not quite as active as myself playing a lot and missing any mention in the Alliance missions.

If it were not for my IGN appearing in the Collector missions, I would be seen as inactive and booted from many Alliances.


Before activity was hard to track, but Discord has opened that up A LOT. People are posting screenshots of who donated and some will chat in Discord but never say a word in Alliance chat. And thank you for the organized comment, we were a complete and total disaster alliance just one short week ago.

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see i am the leader of the Knoxville JWA alliance and we only have 2 rules- don’t double request and be 1500+ trophies

by double requests i mean- do not request DNA that is currently up for request… that way we dont constantly have 25 velociraptor requests

these rules are the description of the alliance so everyone asking to join will see it but i am still kicking 2-3 a day for double requests.

usually I go by a policy of- if they notice that they have double requested and apologize before i do then they are safe… and most that accidently do that max donate to the person who requested it first


KillerRaptors alliance . I kick people out immediately if they ask for DNA and do not introduce themselves first. I also have it mandatory that they must have discord to communicate in my alliance community I have there. Ever since I became so strict, I have pretty much 100% likeminded people and no more stress going after people who are slackers.
If you want to see how my discord is , message me.


Im the creator of United Nations.
Its a quite good functioning alliance where we fill up nearly every dna request, and had no bigger problems completing the missions either.
We use discord too…and have different sections for the main chat, rules, introduction, topics of the week(battles and featured creatures mainly) and thanks for dna section(we post here screen-shots of the received dna so we know who are donating and who arent-this one is really helpful detecting the inactive members and those who are just requesting)
(Btw…still looking to replace one or two low-active-players so if you are interested and you are a higher lvl player and fairly active just feel free to message me)


Can you explain more about how your alliance is requesting DNA?

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I lead Prehistoric Warriors UK
I keep a record of who donates by asking people to comment on the chat who to and vice versa
If people let me know people are not donating or I notice this I let them go.

On a whole though the alliance is pretty good at donating.

Travis, this is our Tier System. Any day you can ask for T1, Monday Wednesday Friday T2 Sunday T3 and T4 is for Top contributors…it cuts down on a billion velo requests every single day. Basically commons are one or those with no fusions and T4 are incubator exclusives or hybrids that can be made from requestable ingredients.

Tier 1 (T1) Dinos - May Be requested ANY time
Triceratops GEN2 - Echo - Hatzegopteryx - Dimetrodon GEN2 - Charlie - Allosaurus - Suchomimus - Tanycolagreus - Caarnotaurus - Apatosaurus - Purussaurus GEN2 - Stygimoloch GEN2 - Majungasaurus - Tarbosaurus - Gallimimus - Diplocaulus GEN2 - Koolasuchus GEN2 - Irritator GEN2 - Sarcosuchus - Baryoynx GEN2 - Deinocheirus - Quetzalcoatlus??? - Lythronax - Ophiacodon - Monolophosaurus GEN2 - Nundasuchus - Diplocaulus - Euoplocephalus - Miragaia - Delta - Erlikosaurus GEN2 - Dimorphodon - Parasaurolophus - Arambourgiania - Einiosaurus

Tier 2 (T2) Dinos - Monday Wednesday Friday
Nodosaurus - Scaphognathus - T Rex GEN2 - Wuerhosaurus - Velociraptor (may move to tier 3) - Dilophosaurus GEN2 - Utharaptor - Ornithomimus - Dracorex GEN2 - Dracorex - Stegosaurus - Argentinosaurus - Dsungaripterus - Iguanodon - Gorgosaurus - Spinosaurus - Amargasaurus - Tupandactylus - Purussaurus

Tier 3 (T3) Dinos- Sunday ONLY
Triceratops - Tenontosaurus - Dimetrodone - Megalosaurus - Giraffatitan - Tuojiangosaurus - Postosuchus - Dilophosaurus - Edmontosaurus - Anyklosaurus GEN2

Diplotator - Ankylocodon - Einiasuchus - Karposuchus - Proceratosaurus - Irritator - Suchotator - Majundasuchus - Purrolyth
These are Incubator Specific Dinos or both components can be requested - ASK FOR INGREDIENTS NOT THE FUSION!


I actually quit as leader of the Safety Patrol when I was trying to kick inactive people, and I kicked active people by mistake. I was so embarrassed I decided I did not want to decide who had to go. The new leader cleaned house though :+1:

It would be great if we could tell who was actually participating. I made the mistake of going mostly by trophies (as well as player level), and not everybody goes and plays in the arena. Some people just like to catch and do the strike towers. That was my mistake.

We did ask that if a certain dinosaur was already being requested, to wait until it was not. But that rule does not get followed, unfortunately. Which is very frustrating. Especially when the person right below you asks for the same thing, and people who scroll up from the bottom will likely donate to that person.

We have a discord also, only about 25 of our 50s but it’s kind of cool to be able to speak to people outside of the game. A lot of my alliance members I knew previously in real life and already chatted with, but the discord helped bring us together more.


Dino Lakers on the Ark leader and I’m on the game most of the day watching for requests and donating max on almost all if I need it or don’t. That’s just me though. I request less than half the available opportunities, but when I do the alliance impresses me with their donations. As for the gang and their participation, that’s where I’m at a loss. I screen shot profiles when I haven’t seen a member and keep everyone involved as much as possible with the horrible chat set up. Trophy count doesn’t play a role as much as wanting to see their dino levels increase. It seems that when people come on the donations go up and they all know I want an active group. The ones that have left either quit the game or looked for greener grass and there have only been 4 so far. I don’t like booting anyone, but have quite a few and spend extra time to make sure everyone is as happy as they can be without micro managing.

I thought about making a rule against requesting what has already been requested, but didn’t see a way of making it work. What does get me is requesting the featured dino on the day its everywhere. I have wanted to ask the group if they have gotten off the couch long enough to look outside.




it is reasonable to tell them to stop but also you can sit back and watch as they get nothing since they are being greedy. it is their fault for not playing it smart. obviously if everyone else wants it, it will be considered valuable and out of reach. law of supply and demand. you should still quell it as it seems to get to you. you dont like to punish people but you can give this a try, warn them to not ask for the same thing and if they dont, delete their dna requests. of course this is done by kicking them out of the alliance but try it on a weak member. i guarantee you they will immediately request to join back and be apologetic. that is how you enforce yourself as a leader. right now you arent liking the chaos .


I wish we were all in the same time zone, it is good in some ways, but really messes up communication. If chat and requests were two different tabs and a member could only request from the chat screen, but donate to the other they would be forced to at least look at the comments maybe.

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Well, the thought could be that “ I can request this popular dinosaur now, it’s a featured dinosaur so everyone will have enough to share with me”. But yeah, the rule was more of a suggestion and of course we couldn’t make it work, and of course people still continue to do it all the time. But it would be great if a little bit more attention was being paid to what was already being asked for.