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Alliance Leader ideas

It can be frustrating to be an alliance leader I find. It seems there is always dead weight being carried around. I wish there was a way to have more accountability amongst the alliance. One way I thought this could be achieved is through the alliance missions. Maybe for each category (firing darts, battles, opening incubators etc) you could click on the image for each category and a drop down menu displaying all 50 members ranked by their contribution would be handy. That way you can know who doesn’t battle at all or fire any darts.
Or heck, even just a “last online” would be helpful lol. Anyways, end rant.


I am not an alliance leader but agree with you. Here are what we should have

  1. Have list of contributors to all missions. If 50 pax not possible, then top 10.
  2. When last time members logged in. For alliance leader.
  3. List of top DNA contibutors
  4. Fix the chat system so that it does not suddenly scroll to top or bottom. Or the DNA requests to suddenly disappear.
  5. When we click to donate DNA, don’t suddenly move listing up or down. Cos we would accidentally donate to “wrong” creature. That has happened several times to me.

Anything else for alliance?


And yet we have another post about this topic :roll_eyes:. It is a game not a full time job. Let’s treat it as a game. People have lives that do not intel playing a game 24/7/365.

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It’s not about Alliance tools, but about the leaders of Alliance and their rules. If I want to set up strict rules, I just tell all my members to join Discord or something similar and tell them to post their Daily Mission screenshots everyday, DBIs screenshot and donation screenshots also. It’ll prowide almost all information I need to know about activity of the players.

Alliance tools just make this things easier and reduce the amount of screenshots and things active players need to do to show they’re active

P.S: I’m not an Aliance Leader but I’m also tired of dead weight and doing their part to get good rewards, especially when I know how easy it may be if all of 30 players at least take their part.

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I agree that people have a life and it’s not to be treated as a job. But the players that want to play casually can go to a casual alliance and the ones that are willing and have time to play for longer can go to very competitive alliances. Sometimes players just stop playing and never come back to the game. It would be very useful to the leader to be able to know for sure who are those players that just give up, or those who are not following whatever rules were agreed on by all the members. It’s not to pressure people, people can choose what kind of alliance they want to be in according to their time. It’s a necessary tool for players that want to be in a more competitive alliance.


This is my point. I have a full time job, but would like to not have to monitor things myself. I enjoy it as a game, but I know I have several members in my alliance who play very intensely. It would just be nice to be able to reward effort in a more efficient manner.

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2 things need to be implemented for alliance.

  1. Alliance leaders’ ability to see who is slacking off aka leeching and who is inactive. Last online helps.

  2. Contribution based rewards. Doesnt have to be harsh. It can be Low, Normal, High and Top. So like 50%, 100%, 125% and 150% of the reward amounts per player.

The game isnt a full time job so leaders shouldnt be spending time figuring out who is still playing or who is leeching. Facts make the running of alliances easier and also makes members accountable for their contributions. I expect my members to tell me that they are taking a break or not as active. Its normal behaviour. But some just quit and are deadweight. If I know I have 48 members means my calculations are for 48 not 50. So the core members know how much to cover for. If its 47 active, 1 leech, then the hardworking members are covering for 1 member not working. Not very fair.

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All I care for would be a last logged on date so I can see who has completely quit playing. Personally, I don’t care if someone only logs on one, two or three times in a week. If someone hasn’t logged on in couple of weeks, they have most likely stopped playing all together. It’s those I would like to weed out to make room or show room in my alliance so new players don’t think its full and request to join.

I understand people have lives and this is just a game. My alliance tends to only hit 3/2. I’m high on the exploration. I make top contributor mostly in the exploration and a couple others tend to be top contributors in the defense.

Winter is coming. The colder weather is already starting to take a toll. We’re all getting wore. I can tell. Good contributors have grown tired and stopped playing or play less. I don’t want alliance missions to be a burden and average play with enough players will get 3/2 easily.


If it wasn’t such an obvious problem, there wouldn’t be so many posts about this subject would there?

As others have said, there are alliances that suit everyone . Casual, right up to hardcore.

So what’s wrong with leaders having tools to weed out the leeches who want the rewards but don’t want to put any effort in?

Those people should be in a casual alliance with the appropriate rewards, and the leader can then add another more active member.