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Alliance Leader Tools/Metrics

Leaders desperately need tools to evaluate activity of members. Last online is the simplest answer, but the optimal solution would be a scoreboard of your members in different categories such as darts shot and battles done. These additions would greatly increase leader’s effectiveness and add a new layer of competition within alliances.

We also need the ability to grant moderator or co-leader roles within the alliance. I was shocked that there are only two roles: leader and member.

Chat and donations should also be separated; it looks like a hot mess as it is.

Without substantive updates to alliances and the way they work this game is going to go the way of the dinosaur…extinct.


As a leader, I agree.


I would be happy if it refreshes every week , but it just say they was on game and how much time played for the week total ,would say a lot


Agreed. Now with the season you can’t even monitor trophies to see who is battling daily.


It would be a welcomed addition to the game, a much needed addition.

Here’s for hoping we get it! :slight_smile:

Currently, using trophies as an indication of activity is worthless, especially with some zero trophy players.

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Zero trophies means they ha ent battled since the new season restart.

Zero trophies = not playing = not staying.

Zero trophies aren’t just those that haven’t battled.
There are some players that battle in arena and still show zero trophies.
Flagged players.

I’m an alliance leader, I’ve found some players that decide not to battle can still be active and participate heavily in other areas. Before you kick those “inactive, not playing, not staying” inform them they can come my way. I nearly kicked one of my most active players once, and they aren’t a flagged player.

But, feel free to rely on trophy count as an accurate performance indicator.

Sure you can be highly active in exploration but if you aren’t battling you’re doing nothing for defense. So that’s a 50% player. I’m looking for both in my alliance.

I’d probably be with you if the rewards were worth the effort.

That extra 100 koolasuchus DNA and 1k mono (or whatever flavor of the week the useless DNA rewards are) doesn’t do it for most of us, including the top alliances.

Yeah I agree. I know what you mean. The small amount of dna isn’t really worth the stress of all those battles and opened incubators. No doubt.

For me personally and maybe some others, it’s the since of achievement. I’m a completionist. On my PS4 I always try and get the platinum trophy. It does nothing of course but it’s the satisfaction of knowing you did 100%.


I agree. We need to have a way to find out if a player is active or not. I recently “cleaned house” and felt terrible about it. I had 15 players with a 0 trophy count that used to be my top contributors but without a way to see when they were last on I had to remove them. They will be missed and totally welcome back if they decide to play again. To be fair, I also waited a month before removing them.

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