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We didn’t expect this but my wife’s alliance actually got full and got to the point where to add a new member had to go through and find an inactive person to boot. It was easy this time. The person was a level 2 with only 5 level 1 dinos. They were just someone who appeared to have tried the game out but didn’t continue.

I hope 6.1 at the least adds a column that shows last logged on so we can see if someone has just totally quit playing to make room for new people. They could add a last donation column for alliances who want people who actively donate or last request column even. I can see alliances who want players who actively donate and request… even junk as a way to help each other gain coins.

There are those who make requests daily but assume there are some who just play and don’t make requests at all. Trying to keep track of those are more difficult. We don’t want to boot an active player by mistake and take up the last slot with a new player where they we couldn’t re-add them.

We don’t want to watch for no change in trophy level because there could be those like me who don’t do the pvp but still actively play.

Just my 2¢.


Aye, we have been asking Ludia for alliance tools since the day they went live.

Last online
Total donations recieved
Total DNA donated
Promotions for 5 “officers” with mute and kick
Private channels for alliances with message ability
A “sticky” Message Of The Day (MOTD) for chat
Etc etc

Sadly it seems these forums are just for players to talk to each other. There seems to be little Developer presense here, if any at all. Or ever has been.


Also a delegation of power to other members, like in other games with alliances. Like assistant leader etc. Basically have the leader be the admin, and he is able to nominate some as moderators if you will


I hadn’t seen the topic in a while and wanted to restate the need for these tools especially now with a full alliance. It enhanced the need for these.


Well, there is a good chance that was an inactive player you kicked so that makes me happy since I read an alliance description, when first looking at them, that said the lowest trophy member gets kicked every day.

I do support the leader having a few tools but I have to throw one thing in. Always consider the weird people. Consider, not just kick, and in both directions.

When I first started I kept myself at four dinos on purpose thinking I was going to trick the system out of randomness until I started getting really good ones. That only lasted 4 days when I realized I couldn’t find the dna for those four so easily.

Big downside for DNA totals would be quality and nearly impossible to track. I’ll keep an example short and use the name Bob.
In my guild chat, one day, Bob complained about how much Stygimoloch Gen 2 DNA he was getting from incubators and asked if anyone wanted to request it so he could get some coins.
Two people requested that and on top of it the resident bird lover (doesn’t every alliance have one?) requested Hatzegopteryx. Bob has donated over 1000 DNA to these 3 people. I 5-spot people asking for things like T-Rex Gen 2 and Erlik Gen 2.
Bob has donated far more DNA than I have.

Would it be possible to implement tools without being too complicated and still have them useful? All it takes is a rumor online for me to request unused Rare DNA a time or two.


Right on, keep posting, it needs the attention. :wink:

PS - I forgot to mention the most important guild update and the one that is also the most needed.



Yes they do, at least the alliance I’m apart of does…me. Wearing my wings with pride. :grin:

I think that as well as the amount of DNA requested, you could list the amount of coins “received” from each player. I’m now in the situation where the majority of requests are for things that I don’t have spare DNA for do to infrequent sightings, but in order to not appear leechy, I will request rare dinos that I know no one wants (often the birds) just so the others can get some coins.

Also, this suggestion isn’t strictly on topic but I still think it’s worth mentioning. They really need to separate the requests list from the chat. Putting it on a separate tab is all that’s needed as right now the chat screen can become very cluttered with chats and requests fighting for attention.


Also, fix the messages not appearing bug. Please.


Thats something for the leader to determine… right now it can be challenging to track anything where with some changes it could atleast give us some baseline to go by…


Off topic a request for diplodocus is always good. It give coins for those who donate. It is available everywhere. Alot of people don’t use it. And it let’s every one see your active.

Plus his hybrid is pretty cool

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