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Alliance Leaderboard Glitch

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice and nothing. To me it shows all my alliance members and myself have a 0 as trophy count but right below the trophy symbol it says for me “current score” and shows my actual count but it’s rather small. This all shows for me. My alliance members’ seem to be working fine.

What to do? I know there are others dealing with the issue as well.

This happens semi-frequently I think. Just restart the app it should go back to normal.

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It’s reset because of the starting Season on Thursday.

This is what I mean. All 0s.

Yes because of New Season

but isnt supposed to fix after i battle? nothing fix anything.

or i have to wait next day?

That’s why I got confused. Im used to it updating whenever we battle. But another member of my alliance just confirmed he has it like that too. So it must be because of the tournament coming up.

Mine is all zeros too. Hopefully it will help alliance leaders weed out inactives once the tourney starts.

Hey DPG members, if your game is linked to either your Facebook or Google Play account, try clearing the cache on your device and see if that refreshes the trophy count. However, do not do this if you’re playing on a “Guest” account.

If you’re still having issues after doing that, do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key.

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Cleared the cache. Didn’t help one bit. Everyone’s trophies still show as zero. To clarify, this is NOT part of the reset you do every season?

:sweat: Sorry that didn’t work. @Noob.

Also, it’s not part of the Seasons reset.

Everybody’s trophies have remained at 0 since the update and there is no leaderboard button in the battle screen. Keith said yesterday the leaderboard button is for tournaments. That’s not right. There has always been a leaderboard button. Then when these short tournaments run they add another leaderboard button for the tournament that goes away after the tournament. Could the leaderboard button not being there have something to do with everyone still at 0? I have no idea how opponents for battles are being selected if we are all at 0. I have been facing teams of level 30 dinos since and I dont think I would be if we all had a trophy count.

This has nothing to do with the cache. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game yesterday. They obviously left something turned off.

Yup. Like above, I too have cleared cache and uninstalled and reinstalled and it still shows 0s. Im pretty sure everyone is experiencing this at this point. My friend sent me a pic of his to confirm as well as someone in my alliance. All 0s.

I can also confirm that everyone in my alliance is seeing 0’s on their screen.

Hey DPG members, I have some information from our team! :smiley:

Once Seasons are active, the score will change accordingly when you start battling.

Hey Dinocop, this might help. :slight_smile:

Will it at least show our trophy rank when the leaderboard button goes away? We asked for alliance tools. The only way to ensure players are still playing is to check trophy counts. If u have taken this away their is no way to monitor.

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With regular seasons this won’t be a problem I don’t think… remember seasons are monthly and start the first Monday of the month

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What @Dinocop said. It’s literally the only consistent metric we have to tell if players are active. Until we have proper alliance tools, please at least let us have this pathetic kludgy thing.

…Leaderboard coming soon is the reason why we’re all seeing them 0s. Yeah like the mods said once the season starts we should see more info