Alliance Leaderboard is not working as intended. Glitch

Hello All,

Im sure Im not the only one, but Alliance leaderboard doesn’t show correct rank among members. To me it shows I bounce between say rank 40-50 yet my trophies are much higher than that. To my alliance members, it shows my correct rank. Not a huuge deal but who doesn’t like the game to run smoothly? This wasn’t an issue pre 1.11.

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Yes, it’s so anoying. It’s not a game breaking, but it’s very very anoying.

I’m sorry that is happening, Sergiosaurus. Please rest assured that this is an issue our team is aware of and they’re working on addressing it.


Thank you for the quick reply. Awesome, glad it’s being looked at

How is it possible that my rank in the alliance dropt rank 9 instead of 2. ? I have more trophys than the members below me.

This is also happening with my Alliance. At first I thought it was just the leaders but now am getting complaints from my members. I fear all of these battle problems, chat problems, and supply drop problems are driving Dedicated and experienced players away from the game. It’s just not fun like it used to be.


Yes this happens to me also.

Same here, hope is being addressed soon.

I’m still having MAJOR problems with this. I reported it here several days ago, and nothing has changed. I finally reported it to the game itself.

Lol at least you’re ranked at 9! I’m no. 1 in my alliance and am listed as dead last - either below all active players, or below all those with zero. It’s pretty messed up.

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It actually could be a potential problem for an alliance leader. If they think someone isn’t active just because they are placed at the bottom of everyone including those with zero trophies, they could accidentally delete someone who is actually active…

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En mi Alianza me pasa igual, me coloca el ultimo de los que tienes trofeos, antes de los de cero( por si vale de algo, version IPHONE OS), sin embargo si miro en amigo de la mism a Alianza, pero de Android, SI estoy perfectamente colocado en el lugar que me corresponde por mi puntuaCION… Nos gustaria que lo miraseis y lo sulocionaseis, lo antes posible, GrACIAS Y sALUDOS.

Everyone in your alliance sees you in your correct spot… the only person this actually effects is you. On your alliance leaders screen he is the person in last place and your in the spot you should be on.

So it wont cause any issues like that… just an annoyance.

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My other member see me in the last too.

Any ideas why I am at bottom of alliance leaderboard since ages (when I have top 5 trophies)?

Are there others with same problem?

Thats wierd… im last on my screen but if i look at the same leaderboard on my kids account im where i belong at 2nd place.

Hey all,
I am having the same problem in my alliance. I have just over 4000 trophies and am at the bottom of the league even though there are others who are zero. I have to my knowledge done most if not all my missions, have done all the updates and it’s still showing I am bottom of the league. I don’t want to be kicked out for being at the bottom and the leader thinking I’m not doing my missions. Is this going to be fixed some time soon. Please and thank you.

This is the kind of mistake that should be corrected very quickly and simply, especially cause it affects everyone. This is further proof of Ludia’s sense of priorities and the quality of the corrective measures…


Para cuando se arreglara el orden exacto de las alianzas? No me parece normal que estes el ultimo o despues de los que tienen puntuacion y antes de los de cero trofeos, al ver la clasificacion. Sin embargo desde otro jugador de la alianza, si estas bien colocado. como se explica esto? es Iphone OS el problema? GrACIs y Salu2

Still hasn’t been fixed.