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Alliance leaders, how do you keep things fair?


This is the hardest part of the game for me so far…I screenshot the suspicious members status and if it hasn’t changed within a week I message the gang to let them know I’m kicking that person out and to invite those they battled that aren’t committed (thankfully it has only happened a few times). As for those that request and don’t donate as much as they should I’m at a loss. I don’t want to expect them to message what they donate and receive mainly because of the bugged messaging. The list of donations is limited to five so it is hard to make a solid decision of who did and who didn’t. Any thoughts are appreciated!


From what i understand it’s very hard to track anything.

I think your doing a very good job so far.

In my own personal game experience my wife’s gran daughter was kicked from a team for having a 0 trophy count. The leader didn’t message or anything. So I left., my wife left, and her daughter left. Now the 4 of us are on a new team. I try to donate extra DNA to make up for thier lower activity. But if the leader had acted like you we would have explained and asked her allowed back.

But right now there is no real guild combat or battles so I’d say keep the ones in line with your team. Be open about what’s going on. And drop the ones not going in your teams direction


All there is to go by with screen shots is one level maybe two of their dinos or maybe their player level went up. I like to see something. We have one member that comes in, requests and then leaves. I’m not on 24/7 so I don’t see all that happens, but know what’s up and yet don’t have a way of confronting that person without everyone knowing.


I like to think my posts get flagged because they really value my opinion lol.


It’s tough right now. I think as long as you take care of the incessant beggars or rude people, you’re doing waht you can. Ludia needs to add a way to show who donates the most to make it easier for Leaders.


Very thankful that no one so far has been rude, I’d have to hit the red button quicker than same level same dinos battling :sweat_smile:


Why should donations have any relevance to Alliance value? Why should anyone donate Utahraptor, Tenotosaurus, Irritator, etc when they themselves are using it? Is it good policy to give Utahraptor one day and then ask for Utahraptor the next in order to provide Alliance donation value and to not fall behind?

Kick out the ones who keep asking for the DNA that everyone uses!

Keep the ones who ask for obscure DNA like Koolasuchas or Erlikasaurus G2 and give away what they aren’t using.


I ask for DNA all the time. I donate DNA all the time. The only time I get skimpy is if I’m actually prioritising DNA for that Dino at that moment.

And I ask for obscure DNA all the time. If I think I can use a Dino I level it. So yeah what is requested isn’t a marker to go by IMHO.

Se with log on request log off. If you give you get. Part of my teams motto is "quid pro quo Clarice "


So long as people are donating does it matter?

The main problems I have noticed is that members are frequently after the same DNA and realistically they can’t all get it plus sometimes it feels like diminishing returns where you give out far more than you get back.

I wouldn’t just boot someone because they may not have the DNA being requested or they need it themselves.


You say the list of donations is limited to 5 - if the leader’s screen is the same as the member’s one you can tap on it and scroll - took me a week or so to realise.


I’ve tried to scroll and must not have tapped it first so will try again. Our group is great and most seem to trade fair. I wish we had the tools to confirm that is the main thing. We all put in requests for the high demand stuff and anything helps. Expecting a player level 10 to donate as much as a 20 is asking too much.


I am in a non-competitive family alliance, I am not the leader. We also have a few log in-request-log off folks and users with zero trophies. Some lineups do not change in spite of them receiving donations. Some people always request in-demand DNA. As a member, I choose not to donate to some other members due to what I see.

There is no way to follow who is donating what, none at all. I am hoping for at least minimal tools for the leader in 1.6.

As a member, I broadcast what I have available for that day or the week. Mostly it is Stego, Ankylo 2, Ophia, Tanny, Suchomimus and such as I am an L4 park player. I will fill all requests for them. I will not donate my hard to get or valuable to me DNA. Sorry. I look at it as I can fill a niche in DNA donation, I have access to something of value to others who cannot find it. If I had an abundance of Utah or Posto I would do the same, but I do not see many rare, only the park commons.

I look at it as sharing local spawns with others in different locals, not helping someone to build an entire team. Other, competitive alliances most likely look at it differently and strive to help people achieve those stronger teams by donating till it hurts.

I do not request DNA as there is nothing I really need. I level up what I can find, to me that is part of the game. For me, an alliance is all outflow, net loss, no gain. I stay in to help folks with DNA I have an abundance of. I also see them having a benefit later on in the game, so will stay in one. If the members took a poll as to if I donate at all, many would say I never do and a few would say I always do. My donations are not spread across the board, only to those who request what I have in excess. I know the members who are getting 400 Stego twice a day are pretty happy with it.


I had two members in the last couple days requesting megalosaurus and couldn’t help but wonder why. I’m guessing a few of my group are younger and maybe don’t have the means to go hunting as much as they would like to.


Scrolling works lol, maybe there were only five when I tried it last? :blush:


As per current system it’s hard to track DNA donation by members. It give benefits of doubt to the members who’re not active and not donating. So wait till the next update


I wont kick over a trophy count, as that doesnt mean much to me. I will kick over inactivity, rudeness or never making donations though.

We are a democracy, meaning that when issues come up, I make it public knowledge and ask for opinions. If someone needs to be removed, I always state in chat what I am about to do, then I ask if anyone has objections or reasons why I should not take the actions.

So far its been great and we have a great bunch of players. :blush:


I’ve included the group when making decisions too :slightly_smiling_face:


When you request DNA, you collect it.
If you press the ‘i’, you get to see who donated.
It only works when you can collect it.


I just watched my Mr Suspicious log in, request and leave without donating again.


My suggestion to all alliance leaders is to create a discord channel or another means of communication with your alliance members. So you can create a bond and get to know each other. This will help to get a feel for your members