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Alliance leaders, member stats

As an Alliance leader, I feel as though I should be able to access my members statistics. Being able to view this content will allow leaders to better manage their Alliance. Main stats would include(but not limited to) individual activity like last time logged on, top contributor, and bottom contributor. I’m sure others have ideas of things they would like to see as well.


This has been asked for, begged for, demanded … since alliances appeared. Ludiacrous doesn’t seem to care… why? Doesn’t bring in extra ping ping

DING DING DING! Nailed it. We’ll get more administrative tools for Alliances when someone figures out a way that doing so will make us spend money, period. They are so transparently, cartoon mustache-twirling-villain level bad about this that I couldn’t say with any confidence that some of what we call “bugs” are not bugs at all, but rather deliberate features built into the game, to manipulate our emotional states, in order to more easily tempt us to spend money. I never would have believed a company (especially a Canadian company, Canada is normally so much more polite and civilized than that!) could so utterly and completely erase any evidence of a conscience or a moral compass like that, and transform itself into a machine whose only function is to suck money out of its customers.

But that would be Lewdia.

They exist to fill the same niche in the economy that ticks fill in the food chain.


Nope. Never will happen. Been asked for ever since Alliances were rolled out. Never even been acknowledged as something being worked on. They don’t want leaders seeing who isn’t contributing and kick them off the team. That causes players to quit and let’s face it. They can’t afford to keep bleeding players when they do such a great job of running them off themselves.


I believe it was said that it requires some tweaks to the servers or the programming but would be coming.

I think with the latest idea from Ludia being implemented from next week (reducing alliance rewards for every player below level 20) that giving leaders more tools would reduce the playerbase even more.

If you are level 1 - 9 your darting dna, incubator rewards, dna from requesting on the alliance, and alliance rewards are quite frankly crap. Add to this the fact that epic strikes are nigh on impossible and the others are giving a fraction of what too level players get, and you can see why it wouldn’t be fair to lower level players.

So Ludia don’t give more info as they know more people will leave the game than already do.

I think the least they should do is let leaders know which players haven’t logged in for more than 4 or 5 days though.

So you want a highly invasive capability in a game in order to keep tabs on alliance members? People do have lives outside the game. Let’s not suck the last remaining bits of fun from the game just because you want to take it seriously. It is only a game. Your life will not be threatened because members are inactive. You will not be banned if members are inactive. Lighten up a bit.

How about having a system of your own like for instance have your members tell you ahead of time say if they are gone for long periods of time? My alliance does this and we are consistently hitting 5/4 every week with alliance missions. Real life supercedes playing a game

Every alliance has different objectives and different levels of expectations.

My alliance wants to hit 5/5 every week so having members who want to just sit at the side to collect rewards is a bit unfair to the rest no?

You can have a life and still be a contributor and not a leech. I wanna know if members are doing their part or are irresponsible by not even do the basic DBI and arena.

People do have lives and that is fine. Alliance Leader tools would simply be there to show that a player is active. My Alliance has about 10 members listed as 0 trophies. Are they just not taking part in the Arena or have they given up playing? If the later then they can be removed and replaced by new active players. Then there is the issue of are they donating DNA to others requesting or are they just being a sponge? That is all that is being asked for.

  1. I very much agree on the Alliance leaders tools to help them assess each and every team members contributions.

  2. It is also true that different Alliance have different sets of expectations of its members. Some are quite lenient i.e. just complete DBI and Daily Missions. Some have set some rules, but a simple ones like request only Rare DNAs (and a common Rare DNAs) to help in that week’s Alliance mission, opening of the Alliance rewards on a staggered basis, etc.

Some other Alliances expect its members to donate on an active basis, feed creatures placed in one or two Sancs only regardless of the Dinos placed in the Sanc and whether it will benefit them.

In regard to the donation issue, the main problem will be when members asked for DNAs that are extremely rare for some players or all players e.g. battle incubators locked DNAs i.e. Irritator, park spawns DNAs i.e. Tenonto, or different locality spawns. Some other requests though common DNAs but are much needed by almost everybody i.e. Tarbo and Veloci. Besides, personally I will not donate any Trike G2 or Draco G2 despite having more than 100k of each - I despise the Rat in the Arenas, not having it in my team, and will not help my Alliance members Rat other players in the Arenas.

I also find it quite funny when someone in the Alliance keep on asking for Quetzal or Irritator DNAs. And when they did not get much or none at all, they’ll start making lots of noise. These type of members are not Leeches. They are Bleeders.

So, just wanted to highlight to Alliance leaders some of the weaknesses of DNAs contributions as a gauge of members contributions to the Alliance. I seldomly request anything for my own good. Almost all of the time when I requests for something it is for the purpose of the Alliance missions. Despite that I do not mind donating much of the DNAs that are easily available for me as a L4 player i.e. Suchomimus, or DNAs of globally spawn dinos Apato anybody…? :joy:

To those players that rely much on Alliance donations to build their team, my suggestion will be please stop relying too much on others and work your back to build your team. Exert some common sense - if the DNAs is hard for you to obtain, then, it is also for others; unless the Dinos spawn in a different locality.