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Alliance leaders need monitoring tools

I absolutely love this game, but it’s become almost a full time job trying to monitor activity when all the leaders see are their members requests and top contributor. We have made rules to in order to help with monitoring, but its getting very tedious. The leaders should have some tool to give us atleast a hint as to whose doing what. Will this ever happen? I’ve been hanging in there for a while hoping but not sure the day is going to ever come.


My hopes are with 1.9, but honestly I’m afraid they had higher priorities such as fixing the mm mess. (My fears are they’ll do neither…)

We have lost two of the few indicators of activity: changes in trophy count (I know I sure can’t increase mine right now so no one can see where I’m really at - which is probably good - but no one can tell if I’m ever in the arena). Also, 0 trophies in a new season used to reliably indicate someone has not battled; I have reason to believe that this is not always the case (and doesn’t reliably indicate they’re flagged either).

Long story short: I agree with pp - Ludia, please finally give us leader tools.


This has been requested since probably day 1 of alliance.

Instead we get new Dinos/creatures, boost, sanctuaries, 4th of July supply drops in almost September, horrible iPhone 6 experience due to 1.7 & 1.8, events to specific areas in the world, and lots of other things nobody is asking for besides the alliance leader tools we are asking for and have been.

However the moving coin chase is pretty legit.

I want those tools. I suspect Ludia doesn’t have the ability to make such coding stable enough such that it doesnt become game breaking or accessible to all. So leader is just the boot man.

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Maybe in 1.10 continuing beta or 2.0 final release of set it and forget it. My assumption is they are working hard on getting those armor and crit boosts coded in and working for an even bigger mess.

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Yes, 1000 times yes! Scream it from the top of a mountain, maybe they will hear you at Ludia HQ


Yeah as a leader tools would make my job significantly easier to remove people that don’t pull their weight or frankly quit the game. All this information is already being tracked let the leaders see it.


Crit boost doesnt mean much crit has been nerfed.

I am not sure if Ludia wants to put in more boosts into the game from effectiveness point of view.

I rather they put in Multi-fuse and boost reset as the new cash cows. More scents too.

We desperately need alliance tools! I have lost 2 of our top players because “there were too many floaters” in our alliance. It’s not as easy to spot as members think. For alliances that are more serious, it creates a divide in the alliance between daily players & casual players that wondered in. There are plenty of casual alliances out there so it would be a better experience for all of us to be able to have members that have common goals. The problem is, when casual players stay in a more active alliance, they just sit & collect the rewards & taking dna from requests. At least give us a last logged in notice in the profile even if it isn’t alliance specific. That would at least be able to give us an idea of how often they are doing something in the game.