Alliance Leaders NEED MORE TOOLS

Okay, I know this isn’t the first topic on this matter but to my opinion the developers can’t be reminded enough.

At this moment it’s utterly impossible to see who donates or which participation they have just from the app. You need to be monitoring progress of the individual members just about the entire day and night (as we have an international alliance) and even then it’s only half the info as exploration isn’t to be monitored at all.

People just draining the alliance of recourses and gaining the awards without actually doing anything for them just hop from alliance to alliance and get their dna without much effort.

It shouldn’t be so that we need to screenshot and then find some way to communicate outside the JWA app to share these screenshots just because the chat is too lousy to share pictures.

Also the fact that even that doesn’t give much insight, even after so many alliance leaders have begged for better tools ever since alliances were introduced to the game, is sad.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH A GREAT BIG CHERRY ON TOP… Give us alliance leaders more time to play and enjoy the game (participate more in getting the missions done) and less hassle to lead the alliance properly.

All we need is insight into:

  • Who donates dna if requested
  • Who who participated & how much in the alliance missions.
  • maybe… have the option to share pictures in the chat (but that’s no priority if you address the other two)

Thank you!! :pray:


Yes, that would be great :+1:

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Yet another ignored content request from the customers. I’m an alliance leader, I haven’t played in weeks other than to quickly check in on the alliance.
The alliance is in decline because of so much dead wood. If the developers don’t care, why should we?
This has been requested since day one of the alliances, yet goes completely and utterly ignored.

Edit: Yes, I could devote hours of my life to tracking players, but that requires my Alliance members to track and report who donated what, along with me tracking who requests, donates and does the missions.
…But a game like this should have AT LEAST a basic function for leaders to track activity of members. Not to mention, having alternate leaders when/if the leader goes missing and creates an orphan alliance with no way of booting members or adding a new leader.


Yep, very very upsetting that this wasnt added with launch. Even more upsetting that its been ignored for like 7 months straight.

Starting to wonder if options like this are just beyond the capability and competence of our programmers, or if they just dont want to mess with it.

Either way, the lack of action is reflecting very badly on the company.


Considering how we still have not gotten a change in alliance rewards, tools will never happen.

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