Alliance leaders who are inactive

Since there is ZERO in game support, I have to find answers here. If you have an alliance and the leader hasn’t been active for over two months, how do you get rid of that leader?

You don’t… all you can do is start another alliance unfortunately unless there’s still an active co-leader around to do all that’s needed

I know this cause while booting inactive players I made one leader once :see_no_evil: yeah dumb but it happened.


I am not sure how to overthrow the leader, but I am an active leader of my alliance.

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Oh no! We do have two co-leaders doing the work. It’s just hard for new members to see an inactive leader… Devs wouldn’t possibly want to do anything to assist with that…

Let me know if you have a spot! I love my alliance because they are casual but it’s just discouraging.

We have 4 spots available. We are just a casual alliance and are not to heavy on tournaments or weekly incubators or raiding but will do some raids. We kind of just do raids whenever. If this is what you want and are ok with the join. Just do your best to be active and you will be fine.

Alliance name is Zippiest if your interested and my ign is Jurassicplays

As mentioned, make a new alliance. Someone will have to cough up the 10k and hopefully you have everyone on discord so that you can communicate. You can try in game chat but once you leave you can’t talk to them. So if you can communicate with a few people you may have to set up discord and get people on it and make the new team while having someone stay behind to direct people to the new team and or discord.

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Definitely will be considering the offer! I am on that level as well. Have a company to run and a family to grow!

We did this a long time back. ‘Dino Impact’ had an inactive leader. There were no co leads back then.

We discussed a move. I made an alt account, started ‘Mass Extinction’ and most members moved across.

Nowadays we are a thriving alliance with 4 leaders, just in case…

My wife who started our alliance doesn’t play any more but I play her accounts for raiding and kind of keep up at house cleaning and accepting of new players. I have another officer who does house cleaning and accepts new players also.

Time flies and sometimes I look through the list and find player who have not been on in over a month. There is too much other things in life going on.

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I thought leadership was handed over from one to another is it possible to have more than one leader now?

It is the leader has to hand it over themselves. Be aware I was a leader for 2 1/2 yrs. It can be toxic you need a major support crew surrounding you. You can not do it alone. Better to look for a more active alliance

Technically they are co-leads however they can do everything a leader can, except for kicking the actual leader and possibly changing the alliance description.

A leader has to hand the leader ship to a co-lead if they are going to leave.

@Poezzzie Also, if you have a co-lead set up you can’t make a member the leader by accident :joy:

I could and I did. Mind you this was 1,5 years ago.

Oh co-leader yeah those we have already. The way it was written suggested you can have more than one leader

I started another an brought all members to there

Worst part is that customer support does not respond to anything that is related to this… Flag the chat as spam.

What alliance is that?

My alliance leader went inactive before. Luckily I knew them irl, so I was able to get them to re-download the game and quit the alliance so someone else could be leader. Imo though co-leaders should be able to boot leaders? Only a leader can promote them anyway, and they seem to often communicate outside of the game even in non-discord alliances. Although if BOTH the leader and co-leaders are inactive…

Just another thing that probably won’t get fixed anytime soon.

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