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Alliance leadership question!


Does any other alliance leaders which they could check to see how active players are without having to watch stuff. I haven’t created an alliance but I joined one. And bc I had the most trophies when the leader left he made me leader (without me knowing. I was leader for about two weeks before I noticed.) I’m not trying to be a bad leader but my people aren’t active and they don’t donate. I don’t want to punish the ones that aren’t doing anything wrong. What should I do? I also want to become a alliance that people want to be in kinda like apex predator is. Should I start just kicking people that I feel don’t contribute enough just by what seems like they don’t help or is there a better way to tell who is contributing or not.


Common issue with no resolution in the 1.7 update. I have been keeping track of trophy counts. I have also tried to log donations to me, leaders in the alliance missions, those asking for DNA, and those responding to friendly battles. It’s exhausting and requires way too much work for the leader. So, now I am tracking trophy counts and if they have not changed for 3 days, you’re out of the alliance. This has caused some issues with friends and family in my alliance, but it’s all I have to work with. My ultimate goal is to put us in a position to achieve level 5 with the Exploration mission. We consistently get to level 4 with both, but have been really close to 5 on Exploration. Hope this helps.

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If possible a tool for alliance leaders would be nice and very helpfull


If you think someone is inactive just look at their current dino squad. This can tell you a lot about their activity, especially for liwer lv members.


Ya I get that part about look at them but I’d like to be able to just show like a history. Bc I have HORRIBLE memory so I can’t remember and some times the change can be so low that you have to remember the exact trophy count and Dino’s and everything. We are the ‘leaders’ it should let us keep track of the members.


I didnt mean by checking the dino squad that you need to remember how their squad used to look. There currently are especially for lower lv players, 6 dinos that when on their dino squad can easily tell you whether they are active or not.

These are sino and the other alliance missions reward. If someone Highest 2 dinos are 2 of these 6 they probably arent active and just enjoy the mission rewards. This also helps me a lot by deciding to accept an join request or not.

Hope this clarifes what I meant and it helps you.


Oh okay. Ya I got what you mean.


I can’t believe they’ve done nothing to help us with this.
Same issues many of us are having…

It’s really sad


I started a discord and invited as many that were willing to join, easier to communicate and more eyes on the group. It helps a ton!


Lots of screen shots help to watch for progress from week to week. If the alliance is full dont feel bad kicking a nonactive, it was really hard for me at first, but its about the group and it’s an alliance in a game.


Yeah that’s what I’m about to do. I just did a activity check on the chat. My only thing right now is donations and activity. I came them 28 hrs to show they are active or not. I don’t want to be harsh. But when I started I had a great alliance. Left them to come to this on bc I wanted more then lvl 4 challenge incubator. This alliance is lucky to get tier 3. And I mean like make it to tier 3 and none of those challenges get done.


I’m a leader and what I do is take 5 screenshots of the alliance members at say 8pm every night. Then email it to myself. The following night take another screenshot at 8pm for the next day.

So I’ll bring up my previous days screenshots on my computer and on my phone look at the live screen in the game. I compare the trophies and if you haven’t battled within the 24 hours I kick you.

My saying is “not playing means you’re not staying” of course if they are max level and miss a day and I know they normally contribute, they get a pass. Lower levels get kicked.

I tell them to utilize chat so I can monitor active players and donating. In my alliance we donate to whoever and then write “Phil - maxed” so I’ll know that someone maxed me. Then I’ll max them back. They don’t have to max but say “xxx - 2 hits for you” something. Just communicate.

I work 4 days a week, 10-12 hour shifts. If I can fill my incubators and open my daily and communicate on my work days the. There is no excuse someone else can’t within 24 hours. I also go play for an hour or 2 after work with my girlfriend to max our coins and get our event dinos and stuff.

I ask my members that if you know you can’t play or something comes up just shoot a message in chat and I won’t remove you as you communicated.

Ludia really needs to make it easier on us.


Screenshots only track trophies and requests for donations.

I nearly booted one of my most active and valuable team members by thinking trophies mattered.

Not everyone battles, and battling isn’t the whole game, or even the biggest part of the game for some.

That player that doesn’t battle contributes greatly to our alliance missions, often earning top honors.

We need real tools for leaders.

The arena has been broke for some time…


You can see who donated and how much they donated to you


Why can’t they just add a feature for alliance leaders that shows when a player was last online. We don’t even know if a player just never ever logs in, or just happens to play while the leader is offline due to different time zones.


That’s only going to say who donated to you. It doesn’t cover the entire alliance.

I’m not going to boot someone just because they don’t fulfill MY requests. They could very well be donating to other requests that they can fulfill.

Are you against leadership tools?


I don’t care so much if they don’t donate to everyone on every request.
Don’t care if they have no desire to hit top 500 in arena.

I just want to know if they are still playing regularly!

Trophies don’t tell you that.
Donations don’t tell you that.
Requests don’t tell you that.

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I looked for alliance tools before anything else when the release notes came out. Thankfully my group is really solid right now and I don’t think it’s possible to be happier with them all, but there always seem to be one or two that need to be watched every week. That’s where sharing responsibility a little goes a long way :slightly_smiling_face:


What I do:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the alliance page- the one with all the names in it.

  2. Look at people with 0 trophies.

  3. Check to see if they can battle.

  4. If the year can battle, send a message on the alliance messages page asking if they’re active.

This works because as of now, there is a ‘glitch’ where if someone hasn’t been online in a while, their info shows 0 trophies.
It changes back when they next battle. Friendlies count.

This has never failed. Other than when the tournament reset the trophies… lol.

@Ludia_Developers , @Ned , @J.C. Is this still the case? If not, I’ll delete this.

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How can they contribute greatly to alliance missions if they aren’t battling? If you’re in my alliance you’re helping the missions. There are way too many battles and incubators to open for you to have people in your alliance not battling. If they don’t want to battle I’ll find someone who will. I hate battles. I get no pleasure from it at all. If it wasn’t for incubators I wouldn’t battle. But I do it, I fill my incubator slots and open my daily one. I do my 12 battles for the daily mission. So I still stand, if you aren’t battling, you’re not playing, so you’re not staying. Anyone can come in and request and give dna. I’m not saying I want my alliance to have the most trophies, I don’t care how many I have as long as I get my incubators meaning personal not goal ones. We always get rank 5 exploration and rank 4 defense. We lack battles completed and open incubators.

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