Alliance looking for 4 active players


My alliance is looking for 4 more highly active players.

We offer 2 level 20 sanctuaries & have been 10/10 for 5 weeks in a row now.

  • daily players
  • at least level 13
  • trophies don’t matter.
  • at least 20 battles at day.
  • must use discord.
    We have acess to 2 level 20 sanctuary,very friendly players ,but all very active , if you’re in an alliance with no goals and want to achieve more we are the right alliance for you .discord is a must have ,easier to chat than in game chat.we achieve 10/10 last week with over a day to spare
    This was our run for level 20 sanctuary with coop alliance, level 20 in under 16 hours
    Active players only, just message and I will pass your details to Phil our amazing leader