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Alliance looking for new members

Our alliance is looking for new members. We have a strong core of players that are really active and communication is great but as like others our numbers have dipped a bit as we’re reshuffling lazy players. Anybody looking to join come on over. We’re called Rexes with Underbites

Im level 16, I complete the daily challenges most days, but when I have to work I am not always physically able to complete everything. I do dart as many dinosaurs as I can, and I try to donate wherever I can. The only problem for me is arena, because I absolutely despise it in its current state. Would that be okay if I wanted to join?

Of course. What is your user number?

Actually just come on and join buddy

Request to join sent.

I uh, I feel like I should mention that I am BobRawesome on there.

Oh wow. Be great to have you on the team

It only occurred to me after an hour that y’all would be looking for a purpleultron, and you wouldnt find one. I should have been asleep before I even responded. And Im still not asleep yet!

Looks like our leader is still sleeping atm lol

Moin I am a Level 10 Player daily Active #6466