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Alliance Management for Alliance Missions


The first weeks alliance missions in my wife’s alliance was a wake up with finding how little of the 50 we have that were actually playing so this last week we removed a lot of people who obviously are not playing any more. We only achieved rank 3 and rank 2 before the crash. We have more on the watch list as we are slowly filling back up so if we get to 50, we can remove the abandoned accounts. We don’t want the good people to leave out of disappointment for not getting to rank 4 or 5. I want to get to rank 4 or 5.

The picture is kind of what I’m doing. I’m not checking every day but next weekend, I’ll go through the list and we’ll know more of who we can remove to make room for new people. If there is absolutely no change in trophy’s, player level or dino levels, we’ll remove them as needed.


This is kind of a pain and I wish they had a last logged in date in the profile. That would be a tremendous help.


I used just trophies and player level, big mistake as I nearly booted some of our best achievers in missions.

We need activity trackers for leaders.
We shouldn’t have to keep books of activity.

I hope tracking the team of each player works for you.


Dont judge only from the trophy count.I stand at 5200+ and i stopped playing because of Dragoceratops and the flood of RNGsaurus.I just hunt, do strike towers and donate.So try talk to them or wait the alliance missions to check them.


I figure that those like me who just hunt to raise dino’s to do the strike towers and not PVP should show dino’s leveling or dino’s swapped out for others which will show a change in levels or order.

We give those higher levels more time before deeming them inactive. There is one more 0 trophy level person we decided to wait on for another week but may go here pretty quick.


Need better tools for leaders to keep track of members the alliance menu is a joke. Hopefully they add in tools before they get missions back up and running, if they can get them back and running!?!