Alliance management

It would be nice to be able to remove inactive members. Also, to “take ownership” if the leader is inactive for over 90 days!!

You should have ways to communicate besides the alliance chat. If the leader is inactive without saying anything you should get the hell out, make your own Alliance and bring others that are active with you.

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90 days?! I started a new alliance when our leader disappeared for 3 weeks!

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Alliance tools FTW.

Some stat trackers would be great. Last time online etc etc.

Long press on donations and especially guild tasks to show all activity from everyone who helped, not just the top few.

I would also like to promote a few people to an “officer/council” position with the ability to accept invites and mute if needed.

If we had basic alliance options like this, it would be much, much easier to manage our guilds.


Its like Ludia made alliances… struggled for a patch and a half to get alliance missions working. Then called it a finished feature and moved on to something they could actually monetize.

Last online shouldnt be something were requesting for like 6 months now.


I know a lot of peeps dont come to the forums, but it still does surprise me on the lack of support these alliance tool request threads usually get.

I get that on average there is only one guild leader out of every 50 people, but still it seems like even a guild member would want to know who is helping with the alliance INC quests and who is not?

This needs to happen. It requires a lot of effort to manage an alliance well and even then you can only guess based on trophy count not changing for a long time!

Please support us leaders Ludia

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Ability to make a few moderators.

Ability to bring up drop down menu on top contributer. Which will show more members stats.

Ability to see who donated on each request for admin leader and moderators.

Ability to see last online date for admin leader and moderators.


Excuse me. you a league or something like that?..

I would love to have more access to my alliance members. I have lower trophy players but it seems some are only there for the alliance missions once complete. If you don’t contribute at all to the missions the rewards shouldn’t be available to you. It’s hard to keep track of who is requesting or who is actually playing. I’m hoping this gets addressed


+1 for this thread. Although I’m not a leader, these tools are definitely needed.


Almost seems like they dont want to us to have these tools.

I wonder if they think that too many inactives will get booted out of alliances and quit the game or something?



10,000% agree with this thread and know it has been requested on numerous occasions before, atm I really don’t see the point in the alliances when rewards aren’t changing, the leaders cannot lead, chat doesn’t work , scroll doesn’t work etc , the reason I stay in mine is because of the friends I have made who I now talk to mainly through discord because that WORKS !!!

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I think these options are the most needed for the game. Because there’s already a lot of variety with dino’s there’s boosters and weekly events. Evert part of the game is good except for the alliance.
All the things that are mentioned are needed to make the alliance work properly.
So ludia, make the alliance options better!

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This is needed so badly, that it is becoming a regular spam request. :sunglasses:

The mods will soon be combining these threads lol, and prolly before we hear anything from the development team :smile:.


Bring on those tracking tools :wink: