Alliance member attendance tracker not working properly

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Bug Description: member attendance tracker not working properly.

Area is was found in: viewing alliance members or friends

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- view the correct times.
Step 2 - do a battle. Then view again and it shows everyone either “online” or “<1” but some members are 25+ days since last log in.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: everyday

What type of device are you using: iPhone 6s

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

To resolve you must completely relaunch the app.

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yeah doesn’t work.

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Yep it is more broken than a mosaic painting


Same here, difficult to pick inactive members on alliance to make room for active ones.

I wish it was just a time stamp and date of last log in. All this says is they turned their app on at some point during the day. Time stamps could be more beneficial by letting you know if they have been on more recently.

Another addition I would really like to see is a better breakdown of top contributors. I know sometimes I’ve been neck and neck with the top person. It would be neat to see where you stand against the top contributor or the top 5 at least.

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It would be more beneficial if the Leader could see each member’s daily mission progress. The data is already in-game, just needs a link like when choosing to look at a members crew.


I had to get screenshots the few days it worked properly to get members who were not logging in since weeks ago.

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This is a portion of a bigger issue I have been trying to get help on forever. The issue primarily isn’t the trophy count, i can sometimes just ignore that part. I’m an alliance leader and have the most trophies but I also show at the bottom. I’m concerned most about the the ‘last online’ feature not working properly. Most times it shows everyone as being online <1 day ago. Occasionally when I look it updates and will show specific members last online as more days, but then goes right back to the original issue showing everyone as active. Even members with zero trophies who have not been online in a month. I have submitted dozens of help requests with screen shots and proof and will get a generic response back days later or a response that is talking about something completely different than what I am. I’ll include screen shots. To my knowledge this isn’t being addressed and puts me as an alliance leader in a horrible position. I have players I know are active because they are in chat and often top contributors in campaigns but have zero trophies, then I have players that show high trophy count but occasionally when I reset game show they haven’t been active in days. I never know what to do.


Chiming in to back up the OP – people’s last visited date is accurate for me as long as I check it before doing any sort of battle. Once I battle, everyone shows as <1 day until I restart the game.


another bug in the long list of things that will most likely not get fixed