Alliance Member List is Blank

Also wanted to report the alliance member list is blank… I ran into this and confirmed when I saw someone post about it in the thread about the chat being broken.

Yes…I noticed it too

Reported to our team! Thanks, everyone!

same here. blank list and busted chat.
i can see donation requests just fine tho.

For me listing comes but takes time, maybe a minute or so. Also noticed that trophy count shows 0 even if someone has battled in the arena.

Thanks Ned ours is also broken!

Can’t see our alliance members. Also can’t see other alliance members for other alliances as well.

Anyone else’s alliance leaderboard blank? This is getting ridiculous with the amount of issues lately. There never seemed to be this many glitches/bugs/misery in older versions. I honestly think they are trying to put too much into the game. It’s like cramming 10 pounds of “stuff” into a 5 pound bag.


Unfortunately the game is Broken… smh

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Appears to be fixed now… thanks support!

Nope I was mistaken… blank again lol

The member list is just delayed when generating it looks like.

Also a lot of members who I know for a fact battled after reset (including myself and my son) are still showing 0 trophies?! So many bugs, please fix those. :frowning: