Alliance members at 0

Just noticed half the top ranked players in my alliance have now got 0 trophies. Most had 45** but out of the 50, 23 of them are now on 0?

What’s going on? Is my app bugging?

visual glitch or flagged cheaters?

Image result for you make the call

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To be fair their teams are not great, lots of legendaries but no real high levels, so was thinking visual glitch. But, it seems like it was a lot of them and happened after the newest update for the tournament.

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Some of them I have added as friends and they have 0 trophies on there too. So assuming they are spoofers or emulators or something. At least they are generous with DNA :man_shrugging:t3:

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No. They havent signed in since the maintenance. U show as 0 after a trophy reset until you sign back in. Then it will reset their trophies. It does it everytime


Ok, that makes perfect sense. I’ll take my foil hat off now then.