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Alliance Members Showing Zero Trophy Count (All Devises)


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Bug Description: Half my alliance members showing 0 (zero) tropies.

Area is was found in: “My Alliance”

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Go to “My Alliance”
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Just today so far.

What type of device are you using: Both Android Phones and 2 IPads.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
My wife texted me from work to look and see if anyone has complained so I will be the first. I check my phone and both our Ipads and it is the same on all.

Please explain.

Some friends and Alliance members at zero trophies

Just checked and we have six in our alliance showing the same . I remember something like this happening before and from what I remember it was something about them not loading into the game since the update. Once they log in it should fix itself

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Maybe Ludia is making people responsible for their tournament rewards?


You have to play.


I didnt battle till tonight but once I logged in after the update my trophy count was reset to 4600 so technically I could have just sat there not battled and still got my reward but I did that at the end of the last tournament for 4 days and I was bored out of my mind

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@Glasgowpaddy Ahhh. That makes sense. There are some members who don’t look like they’ve been playing and I told my wife to watch and to boot them if there is no progress. This might be a good thing to see which members are completely inactive… like not even playing any more.


Is give it a day or two before you start booting people just in case but if they’re still at zero after that point then fill you’re boots


Interesting, I have no idea


Well were not near full yet so no rush to trim the fat. I told my wife the other night about a couple who haven’t progressed but if we get up in the 40’s with members we’ll be watching for any who are just not playing any more to make room for those who are.

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All in the hope of fairness. The last tournament, a fellow alliance member (below me in trophies) did not play. He qualified for the higher prize at the end. Tournaments are tough… so maybe one should be rewarded for participating?


It’s understandable not to participate- I actually have more fun watching the top. leaderboard. Like your favorite sports team.:tada::christmas_tree::t_rex:


It might be more then that. There is only one guy in my guild higher then I am, he got reset to 0. He logged in tonigjt and played, made a DNA request and he is still at 0. I wonder if you have to fight once, or view your arena tab or something weird like that?


Hope he gets his back! Good luck


Seriously? It’s because the new tournament has started, until they have a battle their rank won’t show. It’s a known bug.


Mods merged my thread into this thread.

I had no idea this was a known bug, which is why I started a thread.


Do the developers go through a lot of people?
It’s the most logical explanation for having so many unresolved issues.
There are few things worse than trying to fix another coders program, which you had nothing to do with when written, than going through and repairing their mistakes.

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Hey Oriondestiny, this is most likely due to the trophy reset for the Season 4 PVP. Once those players in your Alliance log into the game again, the trophy count should be correctly displayed. Let me know if there are still any issues!

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This is only like the fourth time this has happened. New tournament, same old questions.


I have this same recurrent issue as well