Alliance Members’ Trophy Counts (Only Shows Highest)

Alliance Leaders, now that we can only see other players’ highest Trophy Count during Seasons, and not current, what are your other methods for holding members accountable for being active in the Alliance?

I think the highest should only show on the Leaderboard and our own battle screen. Keep the current score everywhere else. It’s difficult enough tracking player activity.

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show only highest is better even for alliance dispute.
when member of alliance try challenge theirselves for rank.

this encourage players battle more. sometimes when in disputing ranking, after a battle a player drops to 2nd place. then starts to battle more until reach 1st again. then stops battling to stay in 1st.

or if a player is ranked 1st and battle for daily incubator… and is close to drop to 2nd, avoid battle more to not drop to 2nd…

all fun, and i found a nice idea considering highest score reached for all leaderboards.

but a solution for management, i say to @Ludia_Developers to show both scores when alliance admin enters a member profile.

or, of course, even better: all already suggested manage tools for alliances. a community request getting old… :confused: