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Alliance Merge - Looking To Improve Your Team 2x, Look No Further!

Are you a alliance leader who is looking for some way to improve your alliance, well look no further! Merge with JWA Paleontology to create a highly active, high reward alliance with us!

Current Stats

If you are a alliance leader and want to merge here’s some information on my alliance.

  1. 40 Members With 4500+ Trophies

  2. My 40 Members Score 10/8 For Alliance Missions

  3. My 40 Members Score 8 On Alliance Championships

Benefits To Merging

If we merge alliances your alliance will be improved to the following statistics.
(keep in mind this statistics are guesses, they will be more so dictated by who joins in the merge)

  1. 50 Members

  2. 10/10 Alliance Mission Rewards

  3. hopefully 9 Championship Rank On Five Week Championships

  4. Incredible Raiding Squad

If you decide to merge with us your alliance could become a top 100 alliance. If this appeals to you please DM me on discord, my discord is MINMI#4136. We can discuss how many people would come over in the merger, dividing leadership roles, etc. Thank you!

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Found one. Thank you everyone for you DMs.