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Alliance merge

Hi there!

My alliance, I Squared R Dinos, is looking for a merge with another alliance. This would involve a 30/20 split, however if you are interested in the slightest please contact me and we can discuss the knitty gritty of it such as leadership etc…

What we can offer your alliance:
A great raiding discord with over 150 members, with all raiding dinos you could ever ask for + a friendly community.
Tier 8 rewards in tournaments, and with the merge, probably even tier 9.
Access to incredible level 20 sanctuaries

What we’d expect on your side of the bargain:
20 or so active daily players, who respect the rules and can have fun
Engagement on the discord server, and willingness to help out in tournaments.

Remember, this is mutually beneficial to both alliances, so please do not hesitate to contact me about this :slight_smile:

Please add me at fbwilson16#8432 on discord for us to talk properly :slight_smile: