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Alliance Merger?

We are looking for other alliances that maybe have a handful of active members that would be interested in merging with our alliance, or creating a brand new alliance with our active members. Perhaps even a couple of alliances that are seemingly losing numbers would be interested in this idea. Our current alliance does ok, but we would like to hit some of the higher rewards from having more active members. Let me know!

Message me on Discord. Ripcords#9003

Hi, we have pulled our alliance from the brink of death… lol we now have 37 members, with at least 27 active daily. Not bad considering we dropped to about 7. I don’t know how many there are of you, but you would all be welcome if your numbers are below 22. " Diggies club " is our group name. We are a very relaxed no pressure group. Our only rule is 1 month inactivity = kick. Feel free to drop by. :smiley:

I might be able to help you, message me on discord. Ripcords#9003

Hi, thanks so much for the offer :blush:. Unfortunately we are so laid back, we don’t use discord… We are sooooo chilled… lol If you know anyone, please just ask them to search for “Diggies club” I guarantee you, I will accept them at this time. :smiley: