Alliance Merger

EndGamers are looking for an alliance to merge with.
With always been a strong top 200 alliance but with all the recent changes we’ve had a few long serving players leave the game. Subsequently we’ve struggled to recruit players with a decent level of activity. Weekly rewards are dropping, discord chat is just the same few people chatting/raiding each day.
We’re looking to merge with another alliance in the same position and make 1 strong team.
Medium intensity (no screenshots to prove daily incubator opened or anything like that) but discord and tournament mandatory and a good level of activity.
Leaders, Co-ops, we merge with you or you come to us etc… all negotiable.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

aren’t we all there…


This week was really slow with my alliance. Where we usually get 5/5 or 5/6, I can see we are only going to hit 4/4, 3/4 at the moment. All the last month the lack of enthusiasm is clearly noticeable. Even my own enthusiasm is going down for some reason. For this time around, there is nothing to go out hunting for. Instead we have to wait for events in the upcoming weeks to get the new creatures. I think the micro raptors are out there somewhere but I don’t know which zone to go hunting in. I hate to say, but I don’t think the pass was much of a hit and when you have mostly exclusives that are needed for the new hybrids, there is nothing to work on.


It doesn’t even matter if the pass is a hit or not… when they reworked the missions they made them a bit to easy to say the least so they don’t really contribute to the missions…

Like I don’t wanna dart epic flocks again… and 3 cunning creatures isn’t really helping with alliance missions.

Was it really so hard for a dart 10-20 Dino’s for a daily…


Hello Laura, I would love to talk to you about the merge, please add me on discord ehcare#2295; I also left you a message on fb