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Alliance Mission - Beyond Rank 10

While i am not sure how often this happens between different Alliances.

It is semi often that my own Alliance reaches Rank 10, in at least Exploration, though rarely if ever in Defense. I was wondering, if should there be a reward beyond Rank 10. Not in more DNA, but more tasks that you could complete for cash and money rewards.

It would be interesting and nice if after Rank 10, we could work towards repeating tasks.

So say for Exploration, you rather than the five to complete, you have just three.

Reach so much DNA, for so much cash. But once complete, it renews so you can go at it again. So you could complete this Mission, assuming your alliance was willing to grind that much, a dozen times. Earning extra rewards.

The main i suggest this, as once you reach Rank 10 there is in some ways no reason to push yourself. And though this is good thing, as it does mean a break from the grind. Allowing for repeating missions, would allow those higher level Alliance to keep pushing and earning. With the main reward being the cash and coin needed to truly use all that DNA earned from the Normal Rank 10 rewards.

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My alliance reaches 10/10 every week. The alliance tournament is over as soon as I get the participation reward and Saturday and Sunday are pretty quiet. I wish there were weekend raids or the alliance tournaments were revamped to be more fun

It is possible that may happen if they add more alpha dinos to take on.