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Alliance Mission Completion Times Need to be Calibrated (Results may vary. Discussion in comments.)


when one mission in a rank takes significantly longer to complete than other missions in the rank, the rank functionally becomes a one-mission rank. all missions within a rank should be calibrated to end at about the same time, which will promote progress and a feeling of accomplishment and reduce the amount of actions going to waste, without necessarily changing the outcome when compared to the current system.

in our experience, the time between the completion of our first mission and our final mission within the same rank can be several days. for the ranks shown in the graphs above (exploration 4 in green and defense 3 in red) the time between the completion of our first mission and our final mission is about three days. that’s too long. that’s too much downtime.

ludia knows the rate at which an average active player accomplishes a task. the solution is simple: choose an amount of time to be spent at each rank and choose a goal for each mission within that rank that can be completed by an alliance of fifty average active players within that amount of time. setting the goal is a multiplication problem: time X 50 X rate of task.

how much time should be given to each rank? each rank should be twice as difficult as the previous rank and therefore take twice as much time. rank 1 should take 1X time, rank 2 should take 2X time, rank 3 should take 4X time, etc. therefore, the week can be divided into five segments that can allow an alliance of fifty average active players to hit rank 5 exactly at the end of the week.

all times from start of week (t = 0):
rank 1: requires ~0.23 days. completes at ~0d 05h 25m.
rank 2: requires ~0.45 days. completes at ~0d 16h 15m.
rank 3: requires ~0.90 days. completes at ~1d 13h 56m.
rank 4: requires ~1.81 days. completes at ~3d 19h 17m.
rank 5: requires ~3.60 days. completes at ~7d 00h 00m.

of course, outcomes will vary due to alliance size and alliance activity. this type of alliance mission design would create more excitement as alliances try to beat the average and come in just under the wire.


That timeframe could work except this week we didnt start with the full 7 days. We didnt get missions until around 11am est so we started with approximately 6 days 12 hours. We were missung 12 hours to start.

But yes on a normal week where the reset is midnight, this is accurate


I believe the daily battle incubator mission should be taken out. All other missions can be completed by alliances with less than 50 members if the members are highly active. But even the most active people can still only open one daily battle incubator a day (unless they had them stacked up previously).

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I guess the daily battle incubators are every 21 hours, but still…


i agree and it was a problem for my alliance when we were smaller. it’s a progress blocker for smaller alliances because it’s the only mission that is rate limited. all the other missions can be grinded out – the limit is the amount of work that the members are willing to put in.

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This is actually a good point although Id like to see things like donations made used. Its suppose to be a testament to your alliances activity level and hard work, it is interesting trying to say where should the balance be between its intention and smaller alliances