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Alliance mission data for each rank

Does anyone has a complete data of what we need to complete at each ranking for alliance mission?

Maybe a bit outdated, but here you go.
Requirements & rewards:

DEFINATELY outdated.

We’ve got the rare DNA lvl4 atm and have to do 450k instead of 300k. And “any” DNA at lvl4 is 1.600k rather than 1.000k

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hopefully some one has a latest to share here.

@MNBrian is there a chance of an update for the mission data? Cheers.


Is there other place i can get this information?

A member here put together a table when they changed, few months ago was it? It had a whole thread of others inputting what their missions were. I will search but no promising I can find this thread to post the link though.

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Found it AND my way back!
I guess ya can teach an old dog new trick after all.

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hi thanks a lot for the help…appreciate very much

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