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Alliance Mission – Defense difficulty

Bug Description: Alliance Mission – Defense difficulty level is not naturally obtainable for a game that is not an MMORPG. The target numbers appear to be a thought and no analytics were used to determine what the target goal number should be. Please see the math below:

With 4 days to go their alliance needs to clear 4000 battles to achieve the goal.

That is 4000 battles in 96 hours.

Each arena battle may be an estimated 5 minutes (3.5 in friendly battles) for a total of 20,000 minutes of game play.

Assuming that the alliance has a 100% DAU (which is not probable) that means each player will need to play 70 minutes per day just to meet the goal. See the math below:

4000 Number of battles

3.5 Average time per battle (friendly battle number)

14000 Estimated minutes to complete

50 Number of players

280 Battle Play Minutes per player

4.67 Battle Play Hours per player

4 Days remaining

70 Minutes a player must battle per day to meet goal

It seems to me that Live Ops just choose a random number for this goal and did not take average play time and DAU into consideration when creating this goal. Hence it being a bug rather than a suggestion. There is clearly something wrong with the way this goal is being calculated.

Ideally your Live Ops will be working closely with a data analytics engineer that would allow them to make informed decision on what obtainable goals would be based on analytics and make these target goals something the community can work towards at a casual or a little elevated pace to increase game play and reduce recency. This is the reason why many alliances are 5/4 and you see all the jumping around thus deteriorating alliances because unless you have a group of people that are willing to spend 3-4 hours a day playing these goals are unobtainable.

The goal of Live Ops is to keep the community engaged, increase DAU/MAU, reduce recency, and build loyalty. If players feel like they cannot accomplish the goals in a manner that is inline with the reward, then the “sense of accomplishment” won’t be achieved. This is one of the many reasons for the high churn you are probably seeing. It is also one of the easiest to solve.

Area is was found in: Alliance Mission

Anything else? This is coming from someone who spent 5 years running Live Ops as a Director in Silicon Valley for a successful mobile gaming company. Live Ops money maker is building loyalty because loyal players who play more will spend more or click on ads more, thus increasing your revenue through Tap Joy, a ala carte purchases, subscriptions, and decreasing costs in acquisition to keep your active player numbers up. Live ops does and will affect the bell curves on all these important stats if you use analytics to make these decisions. I know you did not use analytics because A) you sent a survey asking if the missions were too hard, and B) because they are unobtainable for most given the nature of your game. Compare your 5/4 numbers to the 5/5 in alliance missions to see that what I state is more than likely the truth.

Please fix the defense missions and make them more obtainable so that the alliance members have more time to bond thus reducing your churn and increasing loyalty. After all players who build a community in game tend to stay longer because of the friendships they have forged.


Hey MsGrae, thank you for the detailed feedback!

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Totally agree!

Are you able to do a breakdown of the darting missions as well? They do not come close to coinciding with the daily mission even if the 100 dart mission was required every day. I’m quite sure I am not the only one getting burnt out. Thanks!

Darting obviously much easier. Anyone who plays an hour a day hunting can easily fire minimum 600 darts in an hour if they are moving and in an area that actually has dinos.

Yesterday for example our alliance reached ranked 4 exploration in 17 hours. That is about 24,000 darts.

24,000 ÷50 players is 480 darts each

480 darts÷ 17hours is 29 darts per hour.

So each member only had to average 29 darts an hour to reach 24,000 darts in 17 hour.

A few big darters firing hundreds per hour drastically reduces that number for the alliance. Allowing them to do the minimum daily and help out with other mission requirements.


17 hours to rank 4 and 3.

First day progress. Over 1500 battles.

So the one that typically gets our 5/4 alliance is the insane number of incubators you have to open. Are other alliances just that much more careful about not opening any when “it doesn’t count” or are others buying incs from the store? We seem to always be short 900 to 1000 or so…

P.S. Sorry to bring this thread back up, it just seemed by @Ned’s response that they were actually going to take a look at how unrealistic these goals actually are.