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Alliance mission incubator not working

not to be rude but they only had like 3 weeks to repair it :smiley: give them some time :joy:

Same here.
Makes my game freeze as well.

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Actually underwent Alpha, Beta, live testing and then another three weeks on top of that to fix the problems. No, they had plenty of time and I am getting sick of their excuses. They might not even touch it now since it works for majority of the people which sounds more what Ludia would do in a situation like this. See previous bugs, crashes, disconnects and time out threads they disregarded because it only affected a small population of the player base.

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mine is doing the same thing but it works for others

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Doesn’t work. Game says I have Defense and Exploration incubators to collect, but tapping on either one freezes the game and I have to force close it. I have the latest update and I tried to collect twice.

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I want to mention that I installed the game on my old phone and I’m getting the same problem on that device. This is all very inconvenient, I’m an alliance leader. A few people in my alliance have said they are also having some issues.

No update here neither - right now 8:57 CET

Dev’s have been informed.


Appreciate it!

When I logged on this afternoon several of the slots were already filled out with alliance members names, no rewards to click.

Correction : I have just received the update.

At no time in our partnership have we been aware of the challenges of partnership until today. And now it turns out that we can not pick up the prize for more than we pique over … what is happening Ludia ???Screenshot_20190304-195220_JW%20Alive

Got the update. Installed it. It didn’t work. Our Alliance was already on the second group of missions and now we are back to one. Frustrating to say the least.

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Got the same problem:
After maintenance, game freezes when I enter alliance missions.

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Seems to be the same problem as a lot of other people have

In your Screenshot the time is over.
And you have only one of the two Mission types.

Really strange :thinking:

I can understand German. Just want to keep it in the international language since not everybody understands German ;). Well,anyway. I don’t know what to do. Have deleted and reinstalled the app. Rebooted my phone and restarted the App 20 times or more.

I think the Support should look what’s wrong with these Accounts that doesn’t work :frowning:

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I hope they do. And I hope they fix it fast - like - 2 hours ago…

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